Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just Little Children

I fully expected to be hanging out this week in the hospital with my little guy while he recovered from surgery.  A cold which turned into bronchitis and which has yet to fully clear up has sidelined his surgery until the first of November.  We are praying hard that his cough subsides or they will be pushing his surgery into December and Christmas.
So I am home taking the extra time to get as much work done as I can on BiblioPlan.  We are working on a new series for kindergarten through sixth graders that makes me seriously excited.  I've been trying out the rough draft of the first book on my students at the Christian school and they are LOVING IT.  You know it's good when our little boys come home at night and at dinner start telling Papa all about what Mama read to them in school. Aaron has always had a hard time putting his thoughts into words but not when it comes to Mama's history class.  He is remembering everything and it is blowing us away.  Both little boys get so excited we have to make them take turns sharing because they talk right over top of each other. We are not announcing the series until the first book is complete and ready to sell but stay tuned.  We are hoping to have it out in the early spring!
So staying home for the next few weeks is not too much of a hardship.  I need every single solitary hour between now and forever to help Rob on this series. 
I'm also grateful for the extra days because I started something a few days ago I really want to see finished!! LIKE BRICKS AROUND ME
Break our hearts, Lord. Break our hearts.
Boys are not meant to be caged. 
I don't have a clue how to get $5,000 matched but I'm going to try hard!  All six treasures are so very worth it!
Two of those boys age out SOON! When they turn 16 they will no longer be available for adoption by a family in the U.S. unless a family files their USCIS paperwork before their birthday. 
Micah ages out NEXT MONTH. If someone doesn't step up soon he will never have the chance of a family.
Alex ages out in December. 
Boys are so not meant to be caged. 
And I know I'm crazy but there is a sweet girl who is also aging out.  Isolde.  I don't have a matching grant for her but I have a voice.  She needs to be seen.
Please, Oh Please don't look at their ages and write these sweet children off.  All three of them are 15 in age but in reality they are little kids at heart. 
In May we brought home an almost 11 year old boy. John is so NOT eleven.  He's a little boy who plays with trucks and trains and stuffed animals and gets excited over reading Green Eggs and Ham at night. He loves snuggling in our laps and being carried by his Papa which is truly the highlight of his life. 
These three children are so NOT fifteen.
Alex and Micah and Isolde have never experienced LIFE outside their institutes. They will be so happy to have a clean bed with stuffed animals all over it.  They will get such a thrill with clean clothes and toys that little children play with.  Trucks and blocks and doll babies.  They are 15 but their world has been so limited that they are really little at heart. 
Read their profiles. Every single one of these sweet babes is a GEM.  Yes. You see their awful haircuts and their battle scars and their rotten teeth.  Yes. They look scary.  But SEE them. Please SEE them.
These are not scary children. 
They are just little children in growing up bodies.
This sweet boy, Alex, would be the best Mama's helper around. He takes such pleasure in caring for the younger, weaker boys. He has a tender heart and finds joy in a grey, sad world.  His eyes look old but there is a little boy in that body just waiting for the chance to experience life on the outside.  Please please please someone give him that chance!
And Micah.  Battered, bruised, Micah.  A fifteen year old little boy who loves stuffed animals and playing with toys and gets upset if someone steals them.  Please see past the scars and the teeth and see this sweet treasure.  Oh Mama where are you? Papa please come and protect this sweet soul.

And this sweet sweet girl.  Isolde has watched so many friends find families. She knows how to love and longs deep within her very being to be loved the best of all.  Oh Please see her!! She ages out next month.  She has spent her lifetime locked away.  PLEASE go read her profile.  She is a smart, bright little girl.
She has a HUGE grant.  Her bestest friend in the entire world, Duane, is also available for adoption and if both children were adopted together they would be almost completely fully funded. 

I have not met Isolde but there are a whole host of people over the years who have met her and every single one of them say the same thing - she is a total gem and would be amazing in a family.  Her love for Duane is deep and profound and speaks volumes of the kind of child Isolde is.
I don't know how to plead any louder. 
All three children have only a few weeks before they lose their chances of being freed from the walls that cage them.  None of them will ever ever walk the streets freely in that country unless laws change. 
See them. Share about them on your blogs and on twitter and Facebook and all the other social media I know little about.
Their time is short. I don't know how to plead any louder!

Where are we on our Matching Grants???
We have raised $140.00 so far... We have a long long ways to go!!!
MICAH - 500.00 matching grant - AGING OUT IN NOVEMBER Grant account needs to read 5,932.00
Raised $40.59
ALEX - 500.00 matching grant - AGING OUT IN DECEMBER (currently 567.00) Grant account needs to read 1067.00
Raised $13.50
STEPHAN - 1,000.00 matching grant (currently 54.00) Grant account needs to read 1054.00
Raised $0.00
AARON - 1,000.00 matching grant (currently 45.00) Grant account needs to read 1045.00
Raised $0.00
BEN - 1,000.00 matching grant (currently 3,363.36) Grant account needs to read 4,363.36
Raised $27.00
ISAIAHU - 1,000.00 matching grant (currently 18.00) Grant account needs to read 1018.00
Raised $59.40

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  1. I am one of the many who has known and loved "Isolde"... Thank you for advocating for her.


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