Monday, November 2, 2015

Boxes of Love

 They are boxes of love.

268 of them.

Each box worth just $10.00.

That's it. 

I need 268 people willing to donate $10.00 each to help clear out the boxes for these four boys.

Because we have 4 matching grants, every $10.00 is actually $20.00.

Every $10.00 is a gift of love to a child who is voiceless.

Every $10.00 is a donation to a future family who will count each gift as a priceless treasure.

Every $10.00 donation will reveal the portraits behind the boxes. 

Each portrait was lovingly drawn by a young girl who wanted to do something to help raise money for these boys. 

They are beautiful portraits.


They were hand drawn on wood.

Did I say a young girl drew them?

They blew me away when I saw them. 

I want to share them with you.
I want you to see her work.
When we have revealed all four pictures I want you to see ALL of the portraits she drew.  These are just four of them. 
She was given a large collection of pictures of the boys locked away in the isolation ward and she created portraits from each of the pictures.  The collection is unbelievable. When I saw the portraits I was blown away by how well she captured the boys. 
She's just a young girl who took the talent God gave her and did something beautiful with it.
I want to share her work with you.
I'm also going to give away four professionally done prints from four of the portraits she did.  Winners will get to choose which portrait they want printed. 
I just need 268 people willing to donate $10.00 to remove a box of love.
I am more than willing to take people willing to donate MORE than $10.00 to remove even more boxes. 
I'm not picky.
We have $2,674.50 left to raise.
I have some beautiful prints I am giving away when we are done.
Please give whatever you can and leave me a comment or send me an e-mail ( to let me know you gave.  Those who have given already are already in the drawing for the prints.
STEPHAN - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1054.00 - Still needs 63.00
AARON - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1045.00 - Still needs 937.00
BEN - 1,000.00 matching grant.  Grant account needs to read 4,363.36 - Still needs 825.00
ISAIAHU - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1018.00 - Still needs 850.00

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