Sunday, November 29, 2015

I'm Not The Little Engine That Could

When my oldest son, Ben, was little he loved the story of the Little Engine that Could. He made us read that book so many times that we had to sometimes put it on timeout on top of the fridge! By the time Elijah came along Rob and I could recite the entire book from memory.
It's a sweet story of a little engine that is willing to do what the big and powerful engines are too busy and proud to do - pull the train filled with toys and good things for the children to eat over the mountain. She struggles at first to pull the train because she is just a little engine, the train is heavy and the mountain is steep.  But as she strains to pull the train up the mountain she whispers over and over, "I think I can, I think I can."
I think I can.
Back in the beginning of October a sweet donor offered $5,000 matching in grants for us to use for six boys who desperately, desperately need families.
I swallowed hard when I read the e-mail.

There were numerous reasons why I just could not do $5,000 in matching grants. Our newest son was having surgery. I'm having a hard time managing time this fall with the added duties of teaching at Aaron and John's school.  I don't have prizes to offer.  We are in the middle of another big BiblioPlan project. I'm a mom. It's too much money to raise.  The Angel Tree is during the same time. I don't know if I can do it.
I talked to Rob. I shared with Kim. I talked to the donor. We prayed. We considered.  We decided to go for it.
But here's the truth. 
I'm not the little engine that could.
I can't get the train over the mountain.
I never thought I could.
I'm completely dependent upon the Lord to move in hearts. I'm just the clown in the story.  The one who rallies the toys, asks for help. The clown who cheers when the little engine agrees to pull the train. I'm just the clown.
The Lord is the engine that can.
I'm just along for the ride. Cheering. Encouraging. Rallying.
I am trusting God to get us over this mountain.
The matching grants end tomorrow night.  November 30th. 
I know the train we are trying to pull is heavy and I know the mountain is high.  But I serve and love a MIGHTY GOD who breathed life into this world with just a word. I know that He can whisper in hearts. I know that He can pull our train.
I know He can.
I know He can.
His soft whispers speak to our hearts.
Love. Care. Give.
These child need us.  They need to be seen. They need families. Money in their grant accounts is a huge blessing.
We have been given $5,000 in matching grants.  By God's sweet grace we have raised $4,368.80.  4 of the six boys have met their matching grants.  We just need to get these last two boys over the mountain.  $631.20. 
I know He can.
I know He can whisper in hearts and I know He is. Please listen. Please hear.  Our little train needs to get over the mountain to bring good food and toys to a couple of boys who are living in the hardest of worlds.
ISAIAHU - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1018.00 - Still needs 272.20
Just two little boys are left. Isaiahu and Aaron.
No one has ever inquired about adopting Aaron.  Not one person.  No one.
I know God can whisper in hearts. I know He can call out families. I know He can.
Listen. Please listen.
Love. Care. Give.
 AARON - 1,000.00 matching grant. Grant account needs to read 1045.00 - Still needs 360.00
See what God already has done??
 STEPHAN - HE NEEDS A FAMILY! - He met his match!
 BEN - HE NEEDS A FAMILY! - He met his match!
MICAH met his match - HE AGED OUT (His grant money was given to Alex)



  1. Have donated ten dollars each to Isaiahu and Aaron. God bless. Lindsay

  2. done! you did good, faithful servant :)


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