Tuesday, December 22, 2015

$10,000 Fun!!

A few days ago I was playing the "I wish" I had $10,000 to give to the Angel Tree game...
I was thinking about how I would disperse that $10,000 for maximum gain.  I sat there with my calculator and tried to figure out how I could make the greatest impact with that money.
Maisie EE-4 Betsy
My plan.  Take that $10,000 and help the babes at the very bottom of the tree move up. 
I was having fun counting up how many babes I could help with $10,000.00. 
Adelaide Gertie
I am weird that way.
I can't help it. Most of the children on the Angel Tree have Down Syndrome. Many of them were discarded at birth by their families. Throw away babes.
I know what happens to these throw away babes.
If my yelling and advocating can help one or two or five or ten and keep them from ending up where I know they are headed then it is worth it to me to yell and advocate.
So I sit around and dream and consider...
I don't have 10,000 to give.
I wish.
But someone else did.
Rebecca (2003)
Someone else had $10,000 and they are doing exactly what I wanted to do.
They even took my idea...
With a twist.
An if ... then ... twist.
If we bump a babe over the $500.00 wall...
Tarsha Graciella
Then they will bump another babe at the very bottom of the tree over the $500.00 wall.
And this will happen again and again and again until the $10,000 runs out. 
That is a LOT of money which means a LOT of babes are going to bump up the tree!!
How's that for fun????
Of course if we don't bump anyone over the $500.00 wall then the bottom babes are not going to get bumped.
Hannah (S.E. Asia)
Will you help bump one of the girls on THE ANGEL TREE over the $500.00 wall????

Or how about one of the many many boys???
Nolan (EE-4)
 $10,000 dollars is out there waiting to bless a whole bunch of babes...


  1. I donated to the least funded kid. You are right, it is hard to choose.

  2. Julia, Donated to several kids! Have you heard of any inquiries regarding Rebecca or Charlie? I've been sick with pneumonia in early/mid December so I'm just getting back in the swing of things!


  3. There have been some inquires but at this point no one has committed!! THANK YOU FOR DONATING!!!! Julia Nalle

  4. This post inspired me to donate some of my Christmas money. My heart says to donate to the least funded kid, but math tells me to donate to the kid just below the $500 wall. Or have I misunderstood the post? Would appreciate some clarification on this issue =) And wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Kinds regards, Linda


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