Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Very Tired Thumbs Up

This little blog has been quiet over the last few weeks.
I miss it.
It's been a wild three weeks here in our little house in the woods.  Four of us have been working around the clock finishing a book project that has had all of us at one point or another in complete melt-down.  Two of us in this little house in the woods have been playing and making messes without a care in the world.
Can you guess which were the carefree imps???
Can you guess what one of my jobs was yesterday before Ben went back to college?
Yesterday Rob and I finished the final edits on the book.
Ben and Elijah are two chapters short of finishing their part so Ben will come home next weekend from college to get it done.  Considering he was so brain-weary when he left that he forgot his pillow, sheets and other essentials he isn't complaining about coming back.
I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for the work these two put into our family business.  They make me so very proud!!
Rob and I were so exhausted and weary last night that the full extent of our celebration party was to climb in bed and give each other a very tired thumbs up.  We then both promptly fell into a stress free sleep for the first time in way too long.
I'm not ready to share what we have been working on. We have to the finalize the cover and get the website changed around but we are unveiling soon....
I can't wait.
If you homeschool and are doing Medieval History next year with your K-6th graders or if you are doing Classical Conversations Cycle 2 next year or if you are thinking of homeschooling and have no clue what to do for history or if you are using another program and are considering changing then STAY TUNED!!
So are they!!!!


  1. We just started using your Ancients program and I love it! Can't wait to hear what new things you have coming out!

  2. Is Ben going to race the snow home?


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