Monday, January 25, 2016

And Then There Were None... Almost

We left John's institute yelling and shouting for FIVE FABULOUS babes...
Five precious orphans needing families.
As of this morning... ALL FIVE HAVE FAMILIES!!
 Two are home (Reilly and Toby). 
One family is in country right now loving on their sweet sweet little Wetherby.  COURT IS TOMORROW!!
Rebecca's family committed a few weeks ago. 

This morning... Charlie's family announced!!

Advocating matters.
It truly matters.
It is beautiful and awe-inspiring to have watched the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of five families over the course of  these last 9 months.
If you don't believe the Holy Spirit moves in hearts... then read THIS POST written by Rebecca's Papa.  Two people NOT looking to adopt again are now adopting.
I know for a fact that in the hearts and lives of each of the other four families they have similar stories.  God moves in hearts. He does.  He stirs and whispers and sometimes outright screams for us to listen and obey.
His desire is to set the lonely in families.
Our Fabulous Five have all found their families.
And then there were none... almost...
Since leaving last May, three other little boys have become available from John's institute so now we have THREE MORE FABULOUS babes who are looking for families...
Meet BYRON.  He arrived there only a few days before John left. He's the wee fellow in Charlie's lap.
Meet CHESTER. We actually saw a lot of Chester since he was in John's groupa.  He's a sweet little guy who doesn't talk much but is right in the middle of anything that is going on.
Meet JOEY. He just arrived there and from what I hear is darling!! 
Three little boys who need Mamas.
They can all be adopted together or separately.  They are all in the same orphanage.  Three little loves.
Byron. Chester. Joey.
He sets the lonely in families....
Are you listening???
Sing to God, sing in praise of his name,
    extol him who rides on the clouds;
    rejoice before him—his name is the Lord.
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
    is God in his holy dwelling.
God sets the lonely in families,
    he leads out the prisoners with singing;
    but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.


  1. Wonderful news ! I had just been praying for Charlie... An hour ago :) so the news is big big big !!!!!

  2. Charlie too?? Wonderful news!!! Praise the Lord and thank you, thank you for what you've done for those kids!

  3. So good to hear answers to prayer!!! Love you and your advocacy!!

  4. So happy for them !!
    Charlie and Rebecca look so alike . Have you ever wondered if they are siblings?


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