Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post Surgery

Shriner trip tips from Julia. 
Getting a hotel room with a king-sized bed that is cheaper than the room with two doubles is not necessarily a wise decision.  Especially when the little boy sleeping next to you does not stick to the 'stay on your own side of the bed rule.'
Make sure to wear football padding if you do try to save a few bucks because you will need it. I left the padding at home.  Not smart. Little boy is a nightmare to sleep with!! 
Checking the quality of your windshield wipers before you leave would be smart. Make sure they pass the 'constant smattering of melted snow on the windshield while you drive down the interstate test'.  Mine didn't. It was a LONG night last night driving in the drizzle from above and the spray from below.
Make sure NOT to leave Pooh Bear behind in Rob's truck or you will have one very sad little boy.
Make sure to get a wonderful nurse who is willing to hunt all over the hospital to find that same sad little boy a replacement bear.
Make sure NOT to say anything at all when the bear given to your sad little boy happens to be a Philadelphia Eagle bear.  Just grin and bear it!!!
Sweet boy is through surgery. Everything went well - plate is out. Plate is in.  No major complications.
We were hoping to go home cast-free but his surgeon decided to put one on as a precaution.
That means we get to come back up in a few weeks...

John's doing well although smiling for the camera is NOT on his agenda at the moment.  Getting something to drink and eat are much higher on his needs list.

We will be here at least one more day....
Thank you so so much for praying for us.
We are so grateful to have so many loving and caring for our little guy.



  1. Hang in there, John! And mama! So glad its over and the healing is underway! Kel

  2. I'm thinking of you John!
    I hope you get wel soon.
    Big hug!

  3. Greetings from Wisconsin! You look great John! You'll be home soon!


  4. Prayers for you sweet John! You are an amazing kid and such an inspiration ��

  5. John... I am learning to live with a cast on my lower leg... with no surgery and... it stinks !
    so I try to talk to myself "come on, it is nothing regarding what John is going through..." ;)
    Praying for you with this huge cast !

  6. The silence is deafening. I hope everything is OK! I keep waiting for an update . . . and . . . silence.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!