Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ross, Jade, Oliver and Victoria.... They are worth the effort...

I can never predict on this blog what is and is not going to move someone's heart. I learned long ago that there isn't a formula I can follow to get people to respond to my words. There have been times when I have spent tons of hours thoughtfully and carefully writing a post only to watch it seemingly fizzle and  burn almost as soon as I hit publish.  There are other times when my posts go nuts after only a few minutes of writing.  I can't predict. I don't even try. I don't have this little blog set up so that I earn money when I write. I don't set aside post times to advertise for our business.  
 I just write what the Lord puts on my heart believing that those words will touch the hearts HE DESIRES for them to touch. If that means only ONE PERSON is moved then writing is worth the effort!
Last week I shared a post called Nobody's Children. It didn't go viral. It didn't go nuts.  But it did move some of your hearts and because of that the Schultz' moved a tiny bit closer to raising the 10,000 they need to get their 10,000 matching grant.
I'm sharing them again this morning.  They now have travel dates. Their plane tickets have been bought. They are still a little over 4,000 short of raising the 10,000 they need to get the matching grant that will mean they are fully funded.
I can't move hearts. I can only be faithful to share the need.  They have a need.  Will you help them? 

Four children are going to meet their Forever Family in a matter of weeks.
Please, let's help them get home!!

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  1. This is a good new recipe for the Mulligan Stew of 2016.

    Hooray for the Schultzes!


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