Sunday, January 22, 2017

Not Home. Not Yet.

Sometimes fevers happen after surgery.

Sometimes when they do, then you have to lay aside all your pretty plans of heading home to your little house in the woods and just stay put.

We stayed put because one little boy kept spiking fevers over the normal threshold. Despite his pain levels decreasing, he couldn't shake the fevers.

So we all made ourselves as comfortable as we could and hung out.

Shriners was kind enough to provide a parent room on the eighth floor so we didn't have to go hunting for a room for the night. 

Last night we split duties.  Rob cared for Aaron who had a rough night of pain in the parent room.  I cared for John. 

John's fever broke this morning.  We are hoping and praying that it stays down so we can head home this afternoon. 


What a sweet word.

Our little 4 day vigil here reminds me anew of how hard it is on families who keep bedside.  Each time we have sat beside one of our boys, we have come to appreciate those who do this on a much larger scale than we have.  Just finding decent food to eat is a huge struggle. 

Can I just say that my leftovers taste a whole lot better than hospital leftovers?  During the week, breakfast and lunches here are fairly decent as the cafeteria feeds not only all the patients and staff here at Shriners but also all the Temple people who like the food here better than there. Dinners.... well... they consist of the leftover from lunch. 

On the weekend.... well... home is a very sweet word indeed!!  Weekend eating consists of reheating all the leftover food from the entire week and selling that as eatable food.

Since no one ever eats it... it shows up for lunch and then dinner and then lunch and then dinner. 

Reheated food times 10 means that Rob and I have eaten a lot of salad and yogurt and chips and whatever the boys have leftover on their trays. Once Aaron was sprung we not only lost his tray of leftovers, but we have had to find food for him to eat too. I won't share what he had for dinner.  At least he didn't starve.

We are not home yet.

We are praying it happens today.

Little boy is looking perky this morning so we are very hopeful!

Thank you for all the sweet prayers, words of encouragement, e-mails and comments.  We are grateful for each one! 

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  1. Julia,
    I am happy to hear the boys are doing better. I am a friend of Tammy Enberg's and I live just outside of philly. I'm about 20 minutes from Shriners. Please please please reach our if you are ever stuck in no food land again! I would be happy to bring you something fresh to eat! My email is
    Have a safe trip home!


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