Thursday, June 1, 2017


I'm heading off for Lancaster, PA for ANOTHER convention this weekend.

The last three days at home I've been nesting.  Yep. 

The kind of nesting where you take a toy room and turn it into a little girl's room.

I've done this once before but the last time it was with caution. 

This time we have thrown caution to the wind.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm terrified.

I'm still gasping for breath and it is hard beyond words to stay focused on the everyday mundane stuff like running a business.

Right now I'm going through the motions.

There are no guarantees in Mary's country. You can't put a hold on a child.  We could lose her before ever laying eyes on her.  The risk is great for our hearts to be broken again.

But we stepped out in faith and in faith I am making room for a little wisp of a girl to be part of our family.

I'm not finished yet but the last three days we've made some cute progress!!

The little boys lost their toy room but have had some cool stuff added to their bedroom. Their beds were raised to add storage underneath and they are waiting for their matching nightstands with bookshelves to arrive tomorrow.  We cleaned out the linen closet and it is now the Lego closet.

I went around yesterday and took pictures of the house and rooms for Mary's photo album.

I am nesting.

It makes what we are doing real in my heart.

I know another family who is also nesting.

They are also waiting for travel dates.

They are rearranging their house and worrying and trying to hold the terror back.

They are adopting three children.

One has cancer.

Yes. You read that right.

He's been on the oncology ward in his country and chances are they will be adopting him out of the hospital.

They understand cancer in an intimate way. They have a son with cancer. 

They are also adopting two older girls.

Both are aging out soon so this is virtually their last chance at a family.

Three children.

All three are unfortunately in three different parts of the country making the costs for this adoption extremely expensive.  $55,000 expensive.

Thankfully they will be receiving $30,000 in grant funds from the Older Child grant accounts which brings their costs down to $25,000.00.


They have paid out some of that by emptying their savings. They have been selling what they can to cover a bit more of it.

They are planning on borrowing for the rest.

Please let's keep them from having to borrow.

They have a matching grant right now for $930.00.

When their grant account reaches $1697.00 then that grant is matched.

But it is just a drop in their bucket.

Please, help me help this family!

They are going to get travel dates any day now. 

If you have anything at all - would you give?


I'd love to see their grant account overflowing before I get back from PA on Saturday night!!


  1. Seeing those quilts on beds makes my heart happy! I'm holding my breath for y'all. Can't wait until this little girl is home!

  2. Oh the rooms are beautiful! Praying for your little girl and the whole process. And for you! What suspense!

  3. Hey Nalle family! Just wanted to say we are excited to follow your blog and pray for your family. I am Toby's aunt from NC and I was blessed to meet three of your sons at the NCHE conference! This fall will be our 7th year homeschooling, but first year with Biblioplan! I have been devouring the material all week! Biblioplan is everything I always thought I would like to coordinate, but never had the time! Thank you and God bless!

  4. The rooms look wonderful! I also donated but am usually leary when they don't use their family name on RR or any details of who they are. Thank you for speaking for them or I would have overlooked them.



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