Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hold Me Jesus

(Rob writing)

We've all seen public service announcements about risky behaviors, from opening suspicious emails to texting while driving. As a responsible citizen, I feel I must warn the world against a new danger I've discovered: thinking in airports. Based on our experience of the last 48 hours, Julia and I estimate that simply walking into an airport lowers one's IQ by at least 30 points. Factor in the jet lag from an international flight, and the number doubles. The mere act of boarding an airplane can turn geniuses into dullards, and dullards like us into imbeciles. We have no doubt that pending scientific experiments will confirm these numbers. Until they do, be advised: Friends don't let friends make life-changing decisions in airports!

Dull as my brain was in those airports, it was still sharp enough to notice another danger. I've read enough history to know that experiments in communism usually come to a bad end. But I've also seen the dangers of excessive capitalism; and the airlines are a good example. Their strain to promote first-class travel goes a bit far, to say the least.

In the airport: "Travelers from our gold class, silver class, platinum class, and sapphire class may board to my right at their earliest convenience. All others, line up at the stock gate to my left on your way to the cattle pen. The fact that you paid $1500 for your ticket doesn't matter, only that you paid less than these fine folks."

On the airplane: "Travelers who hold emerald cards may use their quick menu (TM) to order service the instant they board. All others, wait for our flight attendants to fork some hay into your trough. By the by, emerald card holders, we're sorry you have to endure the rabble passing through your mansion on the way to their slum. Just know that it will make them envy you all the more, which you probably want; and that it will encourage them to spend more in the future, which we definitely want."

I suppose I shouldn't complain, though. As Julia never ceases to remind me, it's my fault we're going through all this again. It's the pictures that do it. They show you pictures of all these beautiful kids, and tell you the kind of lives they're doomed to lead if no one helps them. The thought of being someone's last chance to escape that kind of life... That's what moves me to tears. It's well worth a few rough days at the airport.

Hopefully, it's also worth the anxiety we're going through today. We ran into some possible problems yesterday, and we're waiting to see if they can be resolved. Nothing we can share right now. You can prepare all you want, but you can never prepare for everything that might happen when you walk into one of these government offices.

Please pray that something good will happen today.

Well, sometimes my life just don't make sense at all
When the mountains look so big, and my faith just seems so small
So hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't You be my Prince of Peace?

--from Hold Me Jesus by Rich Mullins


  1. Praying that the mountains are leveled!!!

  2. Prayers for the best possible outcome for everyone.

    Hugs all around...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  3. Continuing to hold you up in prayer!!!

  4. The suspense is killing me have you seen her please keep us posted love your hearts

  5. Yep, praying.
    And Rob, your clever sarcastic humor rocks.
    Gimme economy class and a daughter any ol' day over sapphires, platinum, silver or gold.

  6. Praying for God to move the mountains...

  7. Prayers and Hugs!

  8. Molly and I stopped by your classroom yesterday, completely forgetting you'd be traveling. And once we remembered, because I did read your emails, we were so hopeful and prayerful for good news. Safe travels and we'll be watching for updates. - Jen

  9. Hope by the time I am reading this that the challenges are being resolved. Praying desperately for you all.

  10. Yes Lord! Hold them!!! Praying!

  11. Thinking of and praying for you all!

  12. All the Nalles and Nalles-to-be are in my prayers. Praising God for you and trusting Him along with you,

  13. Continuing to pray over this post and the next one!! He knows; He hears; He acts!!


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