Friday, September 15, 2017

Obstacles and Barriers

Two weeks ago we said goodbye to our little girl with promises that we would be back.

Two weeks ago we looked back and saw her little arm waving goodbye as we walked down the long path towards the gate.

Two weeks ago we walked out of the gate holding back tears and breathing promises... we would be back. We would be back.

We don't have plane tickets.

We have a tentative court date set on September 28th, but at this point we have no idea if we will be able to keep that date.

Several pieces need to fall into place in order for us to purchase our tickets. Right now those pieces are scattered across the floor and we are looking at them and biting nails and praying hard.

The streamlined adoption process... okay... not really streamlined because NOTHING in Mary's country is ever ever streamlined... but the relatively streamlined process over there has been upended.

We don't know exactly when we will see those gates again or our precious treasure inside them.

There are powers that be over there who have entered into the process who are doing everything they can to upend the process.

They don't understand adoption. They especially don't understand special needs adoption.

Why would we adopt sick children?

Do we sell them for body parts?

Do we gain financially from adopting them?


What is in it for us?

Why in the world we would adopt them they ask?

They are making it harder over there. These new powers that be.

They are adding on rules and requirements. What used to be a rather bumpy road has now become an obstacle course.

So many obstacles are being dropped onto the course right now that it's hard at times to even see the course.

We can't purchase plane tickets even though our court date is less than two weeks away.

We are waiting and praying and biting nails and trying to make decisions and trusting the Lord that He holds our little one in His loving arms.

We have great facilitators who are working overtime trying to work through all the new rules and regulations that are being dropped on them by the day. 

We have little control but we serve a Great God.

We know He's set us on this course.

He has provided all that we need. This past week we received donations that mean we are now fully funded for this adoption.

That brings us great peace as we wait.

We are not the only family waiting and praying and biting nails. There is comfort in numbers and each time someone gets over a new obstacle the rest of us cheer them on.

There is also comfort in knowing that surrounding us and the other families are mighty prayer warriors.  We need prayer warriors. We need the obstacles to be removed. We need the new powers that be to be toppled from their thrones. We need the bumpy roads back and not the crazy, ever changing obstacle course. We need prayer coverage in a big way and so I am asking - begging you to pray.

I have refrained from sharing about the obstacles until now. When we were in country we were quite shocked at the changes and the barriers.  We watched as our facilitator worked tirelessly to get us through them. The amount of new paperwork required was unbelievable. Just getting our court date was a miracle. Knowing that we may not get to keep it makes us sick.  I have been quiet but as I look around and see so many families struggling through the barriers, I knew I needed to say something. We can't carry the burden alone. We need prayer support.

I cannot share any more than I have shared.

I can ask you to pray.

Pray that our pieces will fall into place.

Pray for the many many families who are in process alongside us that their pieces would also fall into place.

Pray that God would change hearts.

Pray that thrones would tumble.


And pray some more.

Our little one needs us.


  1. I am praying, every time I remember it I pray. I am begging God. Love to you. I know this is so hard, can't imagine how hard, but I know it is. I love you.

  2. Sending prayers! Thank you for sharing pictures. My sweet children were at this orphanage.

  3. I am praying, and will add all those struggling to adopt from Mary's country to my church's prayer list.

    Mary's doll's wardrobe is about complete - her hair needs some work, but I will try to get that done and send her along to you asap. She really does look remarkably like Mary!

    love to all of you from
    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 whose parents successfully - eventually! - navigated similar obstacles in Mary's country, almost twelve years ago...

    1. Sounds wonderful. Would you show us the doll?

    2. My creaky old computer won't let me post photos, alas - but the doll is an 18" Battat with the older facial mold - much cuter than the present mold used. She resembles American Girl dolls, but was made as a less pricey competitor and has a slightly younger look about her - I think the Battat dolls were originally sold at Target.

      She has a semi-soft vinyl head and limbs attached to a cloth torso. Her dark brown wigged hair is long with bangs - just got it cleaned and rebraided like Mary's last evening and now need to glue it to the doll's head more securely. She has large brown sleeping eyes with long dark eyelashes, a cute slightly snubbed nose and a sweet, rather serious full-lipped closed mouth.

      Right now, "Dolly Mary" is wearing a colorfully striped short-sleeved knit top under a blue denim jumper, long white stockings, black Mary Jane shoes, and a trendy turquoise leatherette short jacket. Her hair is tied with a stretchy cord made from the same fabric as her knit top. She has additional clothing - lots of jackets; I hit the doll jacket jackpot earlier this summer - capri pants, a turquoise skirt, short socks, and pink Crocks shoes.

      I hope someday Julia can post pictures of Mary with the look-alike doll, safely home with her family.

      And at a neighborhood yard sale yesterday, I hit a similar jackpot with dresses for Miss Mary herself! Laura Ashley, Gymboree, Oshkosh - all Mary's size, winter wear (corduroys predominate), very cute traditional styles, in good shape and practically given away. I think the seller took a cut on her original prices when I told her Mary's story.

      Thanks for asking - this is probably a longer answer than you expected!

      Susan in Kentucky
      Cousin to 2 from Mary's country

    3. Thank you so much! Mary will love her doll! Can't wait to see her with her doll and her lovely outfits. God bless you!

  4. Yes I'm praying. Mighty God make a way. It's you who places the lonely in families. Show yourself mighty on their behalf!

  5. Thank you for this update and the specific prayer requests. We will be praying!

  6. I'm sorry to say, I've heard similar stories recently. Do you know is it everyone have difficulties adopting in this country right now, or only special needs children?

  7. I am keeping you in my prayers. I hope you can remain strong through all of this. I love seeing the pictures of sweet Mary.

  8. Praying for you and also the other families. May the way before you be better than you can imagine at this time. Peace and love to you and your family. Barb

  9. Praying that the obstacles be toppled and the barriers be removed in Jesus' name! And that God will protect Mary and comfort her sweet heart during this wait.

  10. Lifting your beautiful daughter and your family in prayer.

    God bless you all


  11. Absolutely praying. I'm so sorry it's even more difficult. God move mountains!

  12. I will be keeping your family in my prayers that things will fall into place & obstacles will be removed

  13. Prayers being said in Pennsylvania.

  14. Oh how comforting it is to know that God sees the big picture that we can not see! Try to remember this as you wait in angst, worrying about your precious girl. God already knows....Heavenly Father, you command us to take care of the orphans....make the path straight, Father, for all of those actually seeking to bring these precious ones into their hearts and families. We know you are working in the hearts of those who would try to make the process so difficult or who truly do not understand the worth of EVERY child. Continue your work Father but give strength and peace to those waiting so long and so hopefully for their sweet children. In Jesus, the one who bids the little children come to him, we pray. AMEN!


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