Saturday, October 7, 2017

Camel for Hire?


I crammed all of our clothes PLUS a whole ton of handmade baby gifts for the missionaries to give away, a pile of new toy cars for the little ones in Mary's group, 2 beautiful handmade blankets to give away, a massive amount of gently used clothes to give away, gifts for our judge (after he says YES) and gifts for the missionary's kids in TWO suitcases under the 50 lb weight limit!! 

Woo hoo..

Bag number one comes in at a whopping 49 1/2 lbs and bag number two at a measly 48 lbs.

And just in case those 2 mammoth bags get lost, I put all of our court clothes in their own bag. I stuffed our WINTER COATS in there too because rumor has it is it COLD over there!! 

Rounding out our pile of stuff is my nifty backpack purse and our computer bag which will house both our computers, a couple of books we will probably never ever open and a ton of snack food that we know we will eat.

Thank the Lord my husband is coming!!

Otherwise I would need to hire a camel.

We are only going to be gone for 6 days!!

We can't wait!!

We get to see this precious treasure!

Little girl... Mama and Papa are coming soon!!

Court is on Tuesday!!


  1. Praying for court and all else!

    Go go GO!


  2. Have a save trip! A wonderful reunion. And a good court date. Praying for Mary to be faithful a bit longer Kate Germany

  3. YAY! Praise the Lord and I am praying it all goes smoothly. Excited for you all.

    God bless


  4. Prayers are winging their way for you and Mary and all whom you encounter in the long journey to make her your daughter. Anticipating your updates!

    Very best wishes and blessings for tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to follow.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from Mary's country

  5. Hello, we haven’t met you but we have been praying against the government officials causing so much turmoil for families.. We are thankful for answered prayers and your willingness to share your journey. Blessings to you all, we will keep praying!

  6. Impressive packing! And I can only imagine what you have packed into your hearts. Love you and praying. aj


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