Saturday, November 4, 2017

Oh Where Oh Where is Her Passport?

I watched them take her passport picture. She was ours on paper but not physically. Her caretaker was in control and had her stand in front of the camera to take the picture. She did not want to be there and was upset and scared.

She looked lost and lonely.

An Oliver Twist orphan.

Waiting for the happily ever after story to happen.

Well, little girl is an orphan no longer but the happily ever after isn't quite as grand as she expected.

In her economy - having a Mama and a Papa meant unlimited amounts of candy and food, no naps, free range to do anything and never being told no. I think she was also banking on an unending line of new toys and rooms and rooms that all belong to her.


Things aren't quite as happily ever after as she may have imagined.

Darn parents make her take naps every single day. 45 minutes of weeping and wailing doesn't sway their resolve that little girls need naps!

Those same darn parents are making her eat fruit instead of candy (although an occasional piece of candy is doled out) and they are not letting her consume everything off her plate and everyone else's plate. Seriously?? Portions?? Is that fair??

And the rules... really?? Little girls should be allowed to push every single button on every single device. And where are the new toys??  The ones here are just plain boring after a week of playing with them over and over again.

And this housing arrangement??  WHERE'S THAT COOL BED IN THE PICTURES?? They keep telling her about this cool house but we just stay day after day in this apartment and it is getting smaller by the minute!

Little girl is feeling a bit miffed these days that things aren't going quite as she thinks they should.

We are all feeling a bit caged and so so ready to go home.  Aaron is beyond homesick and even John is starting to think about home.

Oh where, oh where is her passport?

We are stuck until it comes.

We have no idea when it will come.

So we are waiting out our days trying to keep three children from climbing the walls in this apartment. We have gone to a few fun places and we take lots of walks but still....

The days are long right now and seem a bit endless.  Home is calling. We are worried about our little girl as her seizures have not improved.  It is the absolute hardest part of all of this waiting.

Please pray with us that her passport comes soon!!

Thank you!!


  1. Praying for your family! God has made a way this far, He will continue to fight for you. 💗

  2. Praying fervently that the passport comes quickly so you can be home!

  3. Lifting you all up in prayer.

    God bless your family


  4. The scale of the group pictures looks all wrong to me - Aaron is almost as big as you are! How did THAT happen? I feel for you all, cooped up there, and I hope the passport shows up soon. But you and your kids are amazing.

  5. Prayers are being offered for a productive Monday and a swift and safe journey home to follow rapidly!

    Would paper dolls help occupy Miss Mary? Perhaps your artistic Aaron could draw some for her.

    Hang in there, everyone! We're all ready to welcome you all home!

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  6. Some ideas to help pass the time while you are stuck in the apartment... Dance parties where you turn up the music and all start dancing as crazy and wild as you can. Play Hide and Seek with an object, where you hide an object and everyone looks for it. The person who finds it then gets to hide it, etc. Assuming you have internet you could find some drawing tutorials for kids on YouTube and all try your hand at drawing different things together. One of my kids favorite restaurant activities is when we make a random squiggle on a paper and they have to incorporate the squiggle into a picture. Or they can make the squiggle and watch you magically make it into a picture! Play Simon Says, although that may be difficult with the language barrier. Pull a sheet off the bed and wad up some paper to make “balls” and play like it’s a parachute, each taking a corner and trying to keep the balls from falling off the parachute. And while the sheets are off the bed you can make a fort using chairs and sheets and watch a movie in the fort. I’ll try to think of more ideas, but hopefully some of these will help pass some time for all of you while you are all stuck in that cramped apartment! And I’ll be praying that you are able to get home soon!

  7. I remember all to well that leg of the journey where minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days and days felt like weeks... Praying for you all.


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