Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Out and About

Who cares if it is a wee bit cold and we are freezing our toes off!!

We go out every day and explore what is within walking distance! Of course in this non-handicapped world - poor Rob has to carry the wheelchair with Mary in it up and down all the stairways that are EVERYWHERE. Poor John can't get up and down if there are no rails so I have to be his rail. Aaron wears out when we walk long distances but he is the best walker so rarely ever gets a break.

It is difficult for us to navigate this city but we are tough and mighty and we will not be defeated!!

Yesterday we walked all the way to the rainbow arch and looked out over the city! We accidently took the wrong way and ended up at the top of an outside amphitheater.  Lots of stairs. No way down except to climb.

We did it!!  We are tough!!

Okay. I about had a heart attack when little girl tried to throw her legs over the wall. If you saw the drop below you would understand why.

Papa held little girl's hand and she got to run around - shouting and yelling with glee! It was pure joy for her.

It was a LONG hike - we are grateful that two can fit in one wheelchair!

We are still waiting for the passport but we did get some good news today. She has now been issued a passport number which means her passport is close to being printed. Once it is printed then it is sent to her region where it is registered. Then it is sent back here and we can then finish this process.  We are praying hard that we will have passport in hand soon so we can fly out this weekend.  We realize a lot of stuff needs to fall into place for this to happen but that is how we are praying.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us. Thank you also for all your sweet words of encouragement and thoughts on how to help Mary. We read every comment and have been diligently researching and learning. We do not regard your ideas and thoughts as a nuisance or a burden. We have researched CBD oil and the different diets that are out there. We have been looking at the possibility of allergies and the different medicines that are used for epilepsy. We can't try anything until after we get her home and under the care of a doctor. But we are open to do whatever it takes to help our little girl. She is precious to us beyond words.


  1. What welcome good news! So relieved to read this.

    Mary looks like a little elf in her cute little pink duds, and the sparkle is clearly back in everyone's eyes, especially hers.

    So glad you're finding rewarding activities to help pass the time and make memories. These challenging days will be precious in retrospect.

    Thanks for the updates - hope the remaining days pass swiftly and productively!

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 who enjoyed pony rides, ice cream and new vyshyvankas while awaiting their own passports in Kyiv, 12 years ago...

  2. The first picture is so adorable!!! You are keeping busy sounds good! Hope you get to go home soon!
    Kate Germany

  3. Praying each day for all of you. The pictures are precious and give us a glimpse into how your days are going. God Bless You!

  4. Recently found your blog...just wanted to say Mary is adorable! I love that smile. Hoping that everything falls into place in the next few days. - a new friend in Ohio

  5. Praise God for passport number. Praying for a quick delivery,and praying for your family. Beautiful pictures and God bless all.


  6. I love hearing every detail, especially the part where Mary runs around in her new freedom. I sense your struggle but I also sense amazing joy that runs deep within.

  7. Reading about your endless wait takes me back 5 years to when I brought my daughter home from Russia and the time we spent waiting for her paperwork. The days felt like they were just crawling, I was so desperate to get her home. I am holding all of you in my prayers.
    Love and warm wishes from Vancouver Island Canada


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!