Friday, November 24, 2017

Turkey Day Fun!


From the Normal Nalles

Little girl is wondering what kind of family she has fallen into...


Crazy people are making me wear this lousy helmet.

Just cause it is pink doesn't mean I like it!!

But that Thanksgiving thing...

Definitely could do that every day!!

At first it was a bit overwhelming with new people barging into my house and calling me Mary when everyone KNOWS that my real name is Sasha!!

But things began to look up during outside swing and trampoline time.

Back inside to discover a whole table of snack foods at just the right height and a whole bowl of DIP to send me directly to Dip Heaven...

Then a feast at 2:00 and dessert at 4:00 and more snack foods at just the right height with more DIP... Then movie with brothers and a whole plate of MORE dip and snack foods!!

Not only that but being the absolute center of attention was a dream come true!!

Oh yes, little girl could definitely get into Thanksgiving every day!!

She was the star of the show.


  1. 💗💗💗 family for a beautiful girl. So happy she’s home

  2. So much fun! I love it! Your little girl loves her snacks, right?! All available! Now that must be close to heaven for her!
    Kate Germany

  3. Reminds me of fictional country music star Juliette Barnes' outraged comment: "WHO TOOK MY BEAN DIP?!?" on the first season of (then) ABC's "Nashville" - hilarious!

    I hope Mary-Sasha has dips enough to continue to delight her sweet heart -what a wonderful "first" Thanksgiving for her, and for your family and many friends. With many more to come in the years ahead.

    Glad the helmet's pink. Might adding stickers of M-S's choice help her reluctance? Great that she can now enjoy the swing and trampoline - hope she makes the connection.

    Thanks for the update - glad all's going well.

    Susan in Kentucky
    about to enjoy a second feast with friends!

  4. Ah- I recognize that helmet! As a pediatric physical therapist I worked with many young people with severe epilepsy. One young woman had that very same helmet. It allowed her to walk throughout her home and yard independently. Not a great fashion statement, but a great addition to a more independent life. Good luck with improved seizure control!

  5. Best of luck with the helmet.
    It may help if you can decorate/personalize it. If she likes bows/flowers you can put a velcro dot on the helmet (soft side recommended) and then put the opposite velcro dot (harder side) on bows/flowers (removing any clips, hot glue will make the velcro stick better to any bows/flowers). The flowers and bows can then be easily removed/interchanged.
    You may also be able to use markers/stencils/paint and modge podge to put some designs on the helmet. There are some tutorials on how to do it with doc bands (the skull shaping helmets some babies wear) and depending on the surface of Mary's helmet the same might concepts might apply.
    Hopefully the helmet gives her some more independence and you some peace of mind. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

  6. i just want to say what an amazing family you are . i dont know if anyone has suggested it but you can make mary/sashas helmet look much more pretty with some simple pretty stickers / acrylic paint then a coat of spray varnish and if she is involved she may like it more . a lot of cranio kids do it with their correctional helmets to make them look nic and easier for the child to accept .


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