Sunday, November 12, 2017

Welcome to America

Welcome to America - Mary (Sasha) Alexandra Nalle

We survived!

We are home.

It was a long long journey with little girl flying on two airplanes for a total of over 15 hours in the air. It was not until the 2nd flight, in the last 2 hours that she finally fell over in her seat in utter exhaustion.

She braved the airplanes like a pro but completely went unglued at the thought of using any of the public bathrooms.

Kicking, biting and screaming ensued every time we attempted to go in one.  Go figure!

It was a quiet homecoming. Elijah came home from college so that he could come with Ben to meet us at the airport. It was a sweet sweet moment for us to have all five of our children gathered together.

We walked in the house and were stunned at the piles of presents and boxes. Our dear Black Box Players showered us with gifts and other dear friends helped provide a whole host of needed supplies to help keep Mary safe. We were beyond overwhelmed at the outpouring of gifts!

We are working through the presents slowly so as not to overwhelm her.

It's kind of fun to open the bags little by little.

The first 24 hours home were rather hard for little girl. Her stomach was a mess and she was in fight/flight mode. We barely got more than a glimmer of a smile out of her and if we got too close she was swinging hard and fast.

The only ones she let into her space were her two big brothers. They have been so unbelievably good with her. Once they saw her first seizure they became her greatest protectors. Each of them hovering and caring for their little sister with such sweet tenderness.

This morning she woke up way before the sun came up. Little girl is going to have to change her wake schedule because this Mama needs those early morning hours to work. She ate her first real meal and no longer has a deep need to pinch Mama whenever she ventures near. Praise God for that!!

Mary Sasha - meet kitty.

I am sad that my little girl never got the blessing of knowing our Summer dog. I have thought often of her in the last two days. She would have been so gentle and kind to our little one.

It is good to be home.

Oh Yes! It is really good to be home!!


  1. Glad you made it home save. All of your children are truely beautiful! Your big boys are amazing brothers to all the little ones. Aaron looks very happy to be home!
    Did Christmas come early this year?
    Best wishes!
    Kate Germany

  2. Oh my goodness! TEARS of joy! SO happy you are home and just loved the photos! She looks very happy to have such wonderful brothers and praise God for her FAMILY! Love you and will keep up the prayers for her as she learns about her family and you learn about her and for all things medical! LOVE you!!! ❤️

  3. Welcome home! So thankful you all are back, safe and sound, with Mary Sasha and your four boys. Love the pictures; love learning about all the kindness and generosity of friends. What wonderful blessings.

    The picture of Mary Sasha with Kitty is precious. It looks as if Kitty may be an important key to her guarded little heart, which is great for both Mary S. and Kitty - and everyone else. I'm sure Kitty is happy to have the rest of the family back, too.

    Don't worry too much about catching up - now's the time for deep breaths, naps, getting over jet lag and tummy difficulties - and unwinding and letting the relief of being home wash over you. Time enough for all the new things to fall into place - just for today, give yourself the gift of a little time and relaxation and peace of mind.

    So happy for you. And Rob. And Mary. And the boys. And Kitty. And everyone else who has been moved by Mary's story...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  4. Welcome home!!

    I am so sorry about the loss of your dear Dog. I hope you all are able to get another dog some day, it would probably be of great benefit to you to have one in the home anyway, possibly even to alert you if something is amiss at night with your littles, for example. I can't wait to hear about how Mary Sasha improves with good medical care. I truly believe they will get her seizure activity down to a level where she can play safely, bathe safely, eat safely. Seizure's are so hard to control, but I am so glad you all are open to trying every avenue! I've found people are often resistant to certain things based on social stigma that is biased by "laws" that have a lot of political nuance behind them. Any avenue that gives her the best quality of life is worth venturing down.

    As far as bonding and feeling safe, I know you have been down this road before with each of the boys, and arent new to this. But I pray for a quick settling in for her and a full healing of her little heart! Best wishes.
    THe photo with her and the cat is just too cute, her precious little face looks so happy.

  5. So glad you're home at last! What precious pictures of all those boys with a sister--finally.

  6. Welcome home!!! Yesterday at church we did some hard work around the concept of HAVING to die in order to live as Jesus followers. I kept thinking about your family and how you have truly been faithful examples of losing your lives, laying aside your agendas, and going where God leads. And just look what you have gained! I love these beautiful children of yours and the hearts of Elijah and Ben are so precious! I continue to pray that God will equip you with everything you need to walk this latest journey with him and Mary Sasha! To Him be the glory!!! (((HUGS)))!!!

  7. Welcome home! Praise God <3

  8. Thankful you were all able to be home! Prayers for your start today on Mary's medical journey.

  9. I am so very thankful that you are now all together and now able to focus on what Mary needs. I hope everybody adjusts well, especially little Mary... what a sweet little girl she is <3.

  10. Thinking of you all this week, and hoping some answers are starting to emerge to the Mary-Mystery, and that she is coping well with all the changes. So thankful that Mary Sasha is getting the help she needs at last. Help - and love, and commitment, and caring, and understanding - and love.

    Blessings to you all,
    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  11. The pictures of Mary in the arms of her big brothers made me cry...Oh that every once-forgotten little girl could know the fierce, protective love of a big brother like Ben or Elijah. BEAUTIFUL.


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