Saturday, December 23, 2017

We Said NO!

A year ago she was just a whisper in our - we are never going to adopt again - hearts...
Three years ago he was a whisper we didn't even know about....
Eight years ago he was a whisper in our - no special needs, no international adoption - hearts...
Today two of the three of them are counting the hours until Christmas.
The third... Well, she's pretty oblivious to the proceedings but we think she is going to figure it all out pretty quickly on Christmas morning...

They were just whispers.
Holy Spirit whispers.
We fought against them. We questioned them. We argued. We said no. We said no again.
There were so many reasons to say no.
Money. Time. Our age. Our biological sons. Money. Time.
We said no.
Last year we said no.
Three years ago we were only going to adopt a girl.
Eight years ago we were never ever going to adopt special needs or internationally.
Here we are... two days from Christmas and our two little boys are counting the hours and our little girl is wrecking crazy havoc on our lives. We are a bit tired, pretty broke, definitely overwhelmed, yet we would not trade any of them for the world.
Our whispers.
Is the Lord whispering to you?
Are you hearing and struggling?  Are you wondering? Are you counting the cost and finding it to be too much? Are you worried about your bio kids? Money? Time?
I get it. We've been there and done that.
If you are hearing that whisper - take the time. Listen. Pray. Talk. Discuss. Count the cost. Consider.
We said NO.
We said no again.
And again.
And we have three whispers currently tucked in their beds sleeping as I write.
We understand the fear. We recognize the cost. We know that the decision is a life-altering decision.
Just pray.
And listen.
Cadence, Jenni, Ronald and so many more are waiting.

Pray. Advocate. Adopt.




  1. Praying!
    I am trying to remember that a no to adopt doesn’t have to mean no forever. And that we can still advocate and raise awareness.

    God bless~
    Merry merry Christmas

  2. So thankful for your advocacy, love, warmth, tenacity, and faith this Christmas. Three of my New Year's wishes are for families for Cadence, Jenni, and Ronald - and the fourth of my wishes is for families for all the others.

    Hope your Christmas was merry and joyous - love Mary's "Night Before Christmas" dress! ;-)

    Merry Christmas Night from
    Susan in Kentucky (in Washington, D.C. just a few hours ago and more than slightly jet-lagged atm!!)

  3. Sometimes you are praying for God to say yes to one thing (biological children) and he says no and points you in another direction (adoption)! Definitely listen to the whispers!!!! God knows best <3


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