Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hospital Woes

Just popping in to say we are hanging out at the hospital for a while.
We aren't sure how long the while will be and little girl is not really liking her new reality.
She's hooked up to an EEG machine and we have a roommate in the next bed (an itty bitty baby) which means she is confined to a very small living space.

We are making the best of the situation armed with her Kindle, non-stop cartoons and a backpack full of stuff to keep the cuss words at bay and the pinches and kicks to a minimum.  Hospitals don't necessary bring out the best in a newly adopted little girl!
Prayers appreciated as the doctors try to figure out the best plan of action for our little one!


  1. Prayers being offered, for all of you and those working with Mary. No, hospitals aren't fun places most of the time. Hope Miss Mary can enjoy ice cream or some other treats to help make the best of it.

    Yep, my cousins came equipped with less than fragrant Russian swear words way back when - the younger was about Mary's age then, and also had to undergo early hospitalization, followed by limited activities once home. She also stated that she was NOT going to learn English - everyone else would just have to learn Russian. But she weathered it, the cussing diminished (as did her big sister's early pouts of "I don't want it"/"I don't like it"/"I won't do it", also in Russian). I hope the same will be true in Mary's situation.

    Meanwhile, a very dear departed friend left me her small cloth "dammit doll", which is designed to be whacked again the wall or anything else to help blow off steam and frustration. Minus the name, perhaps something similar to whack around (a little pillow, maybe??) might be useful to Mary just now!

    I hope the tests will provide the clear answers we all want so badly. Hugs and/or high-fives to all, especially Mary.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  2. Praying for Mary and your family.

    God bless all


  3. So very grateful that Mary is in your beloved family. Praying for God's grace~He is able!


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