Monday, August 13, 2018

A Busted First Day

It was supposed to be her first day of school today.  I was supposed to fix her hair all up and dress her up in her pretty new dress.

That's what it was supposed to be.

Instead we had an ambulance ride to the hospital because the rescue meds we gave weren't rescuing her. 

Instead we had to have an IV to administer another rescue med that actually worked.

Instead we spent the early morning hours hanging around at the hospital.

Our first day of school was a bust.

Maybe tomorrow we can dress her up in her pretty new dress.

Maybe tomorrow we can avoid another trip to the ER.

Maybe tomorrow.

For today she will recover from our early morning adventures, play dress up and drive her rather exhausted Mama a bit crazy!


  1. what an amazing and darling smile she is still able to flash! thankful for ambulances, rescue med IVs, and mamas that smiling little girls can drive crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! kel

  2. Hi Julia,
    Hmm, Blogger dropped my last comment.
    Think of you often. Rescue meds and ambulance rides are part of our new normal.
    Our son bounces back but I, like you, would do anything to lose the seizures.
    Great to follow your blog and see how each of your children continue to thrive.
    Blessings from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  3. Oh, Julia - and oh, Mary. Not exactly the first day of school you'd anticipated, but there will be a second day - and many days to follow in which hair ribbons and cute new dresses can be worn and the excitement can be the good kind.

    Glad an IV med that worked was put to use and noted. Hope there's an oral version available. I hope Mary got a little joy out of the ambulance ride and ER visit- a siren and flashing lights, all for her! Doctors and nurses, rushing to help make her better! Make way, here comes Mary Sasha! Pretty special - even if not the anticipated adventure.

    Better days ahead. Bound to be. Have fun in school, Mary Sasha, and if you like, you can share today's unexpected adventure during Show and Tell. Or if you'd rather just move on, that's fine, too.

    Hope the upcoming "learning experiences" are less dramatic, for everyone's sake...

    Susan in Kentucky

  4. Sending prayers and hugs. Barbara


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