Friday, August 24, 2018


How could I?
How could I see that precious little face and say no???
I couldn't.
Little Lucy is currently hanging out in my office waiting for the three musketeers to come home and discover that they now have a brand new puppy!
She couldn't be more adorable and sweet!
Even when she steals my chair!
Life has been so so hard these last months. Little girl is just really struggling right now on every level. Adding a puppy to our mix seems insane.
But sometimes you need a puppy in your life.
Sometimes your kids need a puppy in their lives to bring some laughter and fun.
And sometimes Mama needs a puppy. Because sitting here typing this with a sleeping puppy in my arms is therapeutic and calming after a week of anything but calm.
I couldn't say no because little girl needed a new best friend and the little boys needed a puppy to romp around with and I needed one too.
I needed this newest member to our family.
It's going to be a wild Friday afternoon!



  1. Those winsome 'doggy eyes' get me every time. She is precious! She has the coloring and appearance of a German Shepherd. The kiddos will have a ton of loving from her and to her.

  2. So much fun! I am so happy for you. Back when our girls were little, we got one of our dogs at the supposedly worse time as well, and you know what? It was the absolutely perfect time. Sometimes being able to focus on something happy is the perfect anecdote to all that stress. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when your kiddos get to meet their new charge. Enjoy., love, love the name.

  3. Oh Lucy! I love it, I love her! Absolutely sometimes you need a puppy! Can’t wait to see or hear what the little ones said!

  4. What a sweet face! And a sweet distraction from the hard.
    I can't wait to hear (and see) the kids' responses to this surprise.

  5. How exciting, the kids will love her! Praying for your family and God bless.


  6. Congrats on Lucy!!! Yeah!! Some more work...way more joy and rest and support and fun!!!

  7. Sweet puppy! What fun Lucy will bring, and so much love and laughter.

    How is Lucy getting along with your kitty? I hope they will become best buddies.

    Best wishes from Susan (in Kentucky as usual!)

  8. Just checking in for updates. How’s the new pup?? How’s Mary? Prayers and love to you all!


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