Thursday, December 20, 2018

Fun Times in Philly

If he had his way it would not be having surgery five days before Christmas.

If he had his way he would not be having a surgery that he already had when he was eight years old. 

He didn't get his way!

Arthrogryposis is a rough diagnosis. It impedes his range of motion, makes it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks and his arms and legs and feet are always trying to revert back into their original birth position. 

Fortunately, Aaron's at an age where the reversion won't be as intense and this surgery, to get his arm into a better position for eating and function, should not go awry again.

We have all three littles here in Philly plus Elijah.

The ride up yesterday was harrowing. Mary went into status three different times. We were on the edge of ending up in two different hospitals.

Thankfully, this morning she's bright eyed and happy and her seizures are few and far between. Praying she stays that way!!

The roller coaster she takes us on is sometimes more intense than my heart can take!!

Today and tomorrow, we will wait on Aaron's surgery, hang with him when it is over, take John to his appointments, watch Mary fight boredom by pushing every button in the building despite being told no a thousand times and try to read a few pages in the books we brought. 

Elijah's going sightseeing.... 

Fun times in Philly.

Hopefully we can all go home tomorrow afternoon.

If we have our way...


  1. Praying you have your way!!!! Best to Aaron as he endures another surgery. I just love that kid's smile! Virtual hugs of healing for all in your family.

  2. We read your plight, saying a prayer for strength for all of you and better health

  3. Hope today was a better day than yesterday, and that tomorrow - and all your tomorrows - will be better still. Thankful for Mary's respite and praying that lasts, along with prayers for Aaron's swift recovery, with minimal pain and maximum function. Sending Christmas wishes to all of you, and hope to see you again in '19!

    Susan in Kentucky


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