Saturday, December 29, 2018

Real Children

Meet Marley..

My favorite Itty Bitty on the Tree right now....

I mean seriously... look at her little tongue sticking out! I would love to take her tiny little self in my arms and just smother her with kisses!

She's one of the 75 teeny tinies who hasn't found a Mama yet!! 

Come on.... isn't there someone out there who has an abundance of kisses for Marley???

What about shy Codee or poor miserable Kerri or precious Lois?

They are real children. They are stuck in orphanages across Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

They are teeny tiny tots.

There are only three more days for you to see all 75 babes together!

Plus, we still have 55 babes who are in need of some serious help getting to their $1,000 goal.

Please go see the babes.

Please consider, pray, talk, agonize, discuss and allow the Holy Spirit to whisper to your hearts.

Please give.

Marley and Braxton and Bodey and Lois and Wade and 70 more babes are waiting!!

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