Wednesday, January 16, 2019

One Little Boy

I remember the day. Urgent prayer requests came over the internet.

A little boy was near death. Screaming. Gasping for breath. His body convulsing. 

He was dying and the caretakers at the institute where he lived were refusing to get him care. The hospital where he had been just days before had discharged him because he was deemed hopeless. 

He was dying and no one who mattered cared.

All looked hopeless.

His little body shriveled and tiny and barely hanging on to life.

The ministry team surrounding him pleading and praying.

I remember the pleas and my heart cried out to the throne that he be spared. Breathe life, Lord. Give him more time.

Just one tiny little boy in an institute filled with boys. 

I remember the efforts that were made to get him the care that he needed. The night vigil around his bed. The phone calls to anyone who would listen. The government officials who were stirred from their apathy.

I remember finding out the next day that mountains were moved and this one little dying boy was rushed back to the hospital.

I remember.

Two years later that little dying boy lives.

His life spared.

For two years he's lived a protected life. Strings were pulled and that tiny little boy was placed in a foster home instead of at the institute.

For two years he has been allowed to grow and thrive in a house full of love. He's been given good food to eat and a warm bed. He's been surrounded by hands that love him and it has made all the difference.

He's a different little boy.

For two years he's lived with a single mom and her daughter who love him deeply.

But his protected life is soon coming to an end.

He's an orphan.

Orphans can't be adopted by single moms in his country.

Orphans belong in the institute in his country.

Orphans have no rights and no voice in his country.

Soon he will be headed back to the institute of indifference.

Soon he will be leaving a home filled with love and kindness and placed back in a building that reeks of urine and feces and is filled with boys and men who have been relegated to a life that is truly not living.

He has only one way out.


A family needs to boldly step out of their comfort zone and race across the ocean for one little boy.

He has some serious special needs, yes. 

But he is much more than a list of needs on a paper.

He's a lively, smiley, aware, social little guy who loves people and loves life. 

He's not an unknown child with just a diagnosis on a piece of paper. 

I have friends in his country who KNOW him. Just this last week they took him to the mountains with their family. 

They were the ones who stood by his bed in vigil as he lay convulsing and dying.

They were the ones who made phone calls and fought tooth and nail for him to be spared.

For the last two years they have been watching him, praying for him, loving him.

They have supported his foster mom and encouraged her as she has raised him.

They are grieving the reality that his time with her is soon over.

They are crying out for a family.

They are pleading to the Lord that he not be sent back.

They minister in the place where he will go.

They have adopted one out of there and are guardians to three others. They know the damage, the heartache, the horror that awaits him if he is sent back.

They know the smells and depravity of that place.

They have sold everything in their life here to minister in that place over there.

With all their hearts they do not want him sent back.

Are you feeling bold?

He needs bold.

He needs strong.

He needs a family of faith willing to step out and race to get him.


Someone rescue Preston!

Click HERE and HERE to find out more about Preston.

Pray. Adopt. Advocate.

Preston has $8,464.50 in his grant account on Reece's Rainbow towards the cost of his adoption. 

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  1. Dear Julia, orphans CAN be adopted by single moms in his country, and even by single dads - if they have the citizenship of this country. Only the foreigners may not adopt, if they are not married... And the foster care should usually be possible till the child is 18. Does his foster mom have the citizenship? Thank you for not giving him up, Julia!


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