Saturday, July 6, 2019

Just Like Me

Wherever we go people stare at us.

We are a motley crew with our braces and canes and helmets.

People are forever wanting to pat John on the head, gasp at Mary's 'slam to the floor' seizures and jaw drop at Aaron's arms.

Sometimes comments will be made and questions asked. Why are your arms like that? Why does she wear a helmet? What happened to his legs?

We usually respond with grace, but it's not easy feeling like a constant circus act when we are out and about.

I feel for my sons who are at an age where they are much more self-conscious about their looks and people's reactions.

It's hard on them and there just isn't that much we can do to shield them from the constant stares and comments. 

It's never-ending and something they have to deal with day in and day out.

Except for the last few days.

For three days they got to be around other people just like them.

The annual Arthrogryposis convention.

It was our first time going and we were blessed beyond words.

Aaron could look around and find hundreds of other children and adults who were just like him. John was able to connect with others who were also, just like him.

And for a few days, we got to be out in public and know that the stares our way were stares of joy and excitement as we blended into a world where being different was okay. 

They made new friends and connected with old ones (a pictureful of Reece's Rainbow treasures). 

We found older men they could talk to about all the tricks and adaptation they make so they can live independently. 

We went to different sessions to learn and share and be encouraged. 

John was even able to connect with two friends from his old orphanage. How amazing was that?? 

We saw our doctors and enjoyed talking to them.

We even met a family from the same country as our children. When their son was born with arthrogryposis... THEY KEPT HIM. They refused to give him up. They ignored the doctors and nurses who told them he would be better off in an institution. THEY KEPT THEIR SON!!  HOW RARE IN THAT COUNTRY!! How rare and precious. I hugged her. I thanked them. I know where he would have ended up and it was pure joy to see him with his family. Surrounded by love. They have fought hard to provide for him and he is doing amazing! (Be Real shirt).

Like I said... we made new friends.... hmmmm…..

… although I'm not sure a friendship was formed for little girl... 

She had a rough three days. But we aren't going to think about that right now!

For Aaron and John - they made great memories and already are asking about next year. 

Because hanging with others "Just Like Me" is a rare and precious gift.


  1. What an awesome event! Glad the boys were about to experience this!

  2. Such a great update! We were all thinking of and praying for you on the Fourth! Missed your crew, but we were so excited and hopeful for you, knowing where you were. Praise the Lord.

  3. Your family is AWESOME!!!!! Wow those guys are grown up. Simply wonderful!! - Kelly M

  4. What a blessing for your family to be able to attend the convention! I love the pic with the other RR treasures...that sweet one with the purple hair, she rocks it!


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