Friday, November 1, 2019

Challenging yes... but NOT scary!

Yes. I have the cutest HOME IMPROVEMENT kids!!

Do you know that two years ago this little girl became part of our family??

Oh my gracious she has rocked our world the last two years!!

(Helmet only off for picture taking)

It's that time of year again.

Every year for the last umpteen years, we have picked a child off the tree and worked hard to raise grant money for that child and find them a family.

For the last three years we were yelling hard for Ronald. He started out as a wee little thing in a crib with one picture and a bunch of scary diagnoses. 

The next year we had a few more pictures with the same diagnoses.

Last year he was an adorable little guy with the same diagnoses and I was beginning to despair.

But halfway through the campaign a delightful family stepped up and scooped him up and now Ronald Isaac - my sweet Angel Tree boy - is home with his HUGE family of sisters!! He's the tiny little brother everyone in that family wanted!

Oh how loved he is!! 

Oh how happy I am!!

So now it's Angel Tree/MACC time again and I had to pick a new child to advocate for....

Guess what???
I found another little  guy in a crib with only ONE picture.

One lonely picture of one lonely little guy.

This wee little guy in pink is Conrad.

He has arthrogryposis like Aaron. He was born in 2018 so he is LITTLE!


Challenging yes... but NOT scary!!

I need to raise $1,000 for Conrad!!


He is so little! Someone please love this sweet boy! Rescue him out of a lifetime of nothing! Please don't make me wait three years before he is surrounded by a loving family! 

His MACC account is HERE!

Start praying!! Consider adopting. Help me advocate. Donate - help raise his grant account. Make it easier for a family to scoop him out of that crib!!


  1. Do you know what country he is in?

  2. Oh, how cute your children are!!!
    And Aaron looks SO happy, I don't think I ever saw a photo of him in which he appeared SO relaxed... ! :-)
    Like being ready to leave for home improvement work right now. :-))

    Celebrate the good times and do not forget to take care of yourself!

  3. I'm so happy for Ronald! Thank you for advocating for him. Thank you for rescuing your 3 babies at home! I love seeing how much all 5 of your children have grown! God bless you and keep you. I will pray for Conrad to receive a loving family soon.

  4. Happy 2 year homecoming anniversary Mary!!!
    Thanks for the great news about Isaac- praise God!
    Will pray for Conrad
    Hugs, Kelly


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