Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Our Silver Lining

He's the big brother who teases relentlessly, steals their stuff, eats their candy and hides their toys. 

He pokes and tickles and locks them out of the house and does everything that big brothers do to little brothers and sisters.

He plays hide and go seek and laser tag. He takes them for rides. He destroys them in their video games.  Makes them popcorn. Watches movies with them. 

He's big and strong and fun and they adore him.

He is their silver lining in this social distancing.

He lives and works in Charlottesville and normally we see him only on weekends. 

When the world shut down, his full-time work went on-line and his second job at the gym closed. 

Being home alone in an apartment was too quiet and lonely. Since he was working on-line - it didn't matter where he lived. We had work-out equipment here. So he packed his bags and came home.

To hang with us. 

To share our meals, laughter, conversation, fun.

To work out. To teach them how to work out.

To wake them up early on mornings they get to sleep in.

To take part in family activities like hiding their Easter Eggs so hard it takes hours to find them all.

He's our silver lining.

Not just for the littles.

Mine too.

And Rob's.

Having him home has been such a joy and blessing.

He makes me laugh. He drives me crazy. He teases and jokes and steals my phone and eats all the leftovers. 

He's stubborn and fussy and keeps me on my toes.

I can't boss him around. He's too big and doesn't listen to a thing I say.

But he has been second and third and fourth hands with Mary and the boys. He runs errands and goes shopping and helps with packages and cooking.

He loves to chat. 

He loves to listen.

He loves his brothers and his little sister.

He is kind and generous and we love him to pieces.

He's been the best part in this time of isolation.

I am trying not to think about when he will pack his bags again.

We will sorely miss our Silver Lining.

Without his teasing, talking, bossy self our house will be a lot quieter!!


  1. I always LOVE it when our kids ate our favorite people in the whole wide world!

  2. It looks as if your "silver lining" - is pure gold!

    Precious memories can be mined out of these strange and remarkable times.

    Thanks for the update-

    Susan in Kentucky


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