Monday, July 6, 2020

Rest for Mom... Hmmmm...

We almost didn't come this year.

The yearly Reece's Rainbow reunion was canceled and we had resigned ourselves to staring at the four walls in our little house on the hill.

BUT... some of the families decided to join the 'A Mother's Rest' week at Yogi and we decided that a certain mom among us needed a rest from the four walls at home so we decided to join too.

So... yesterday.... we pulled into our favorite place.  

We made a mad dash to Walmart for our week's supplies. Set up our cabin... and here we are!

All of Mary's food was put together before we left thanks to some wonderful aides who spent an entire day measuring and cooking!

So no Mary food prep. That is a HUGE respite for me this week!

We already met the famous Reece and his mom (founder of Reece's Rainbow AND A Mother's Rest) in the pool this morning.

The campground is fairly empty compared to previous years so social distancing isn't a big issue.

We plan on doing a lot of swimming, reading, eating easy, fun food, roasting marshmallows and just being totally lazy!

Hopefully Little girl's seizures will be manageable because respite from that would be the best respite of all!! Thankfully, except for a few rough days last week, she has had a really good month...for Mary... 

Course I am really missing my babies back home (Rob said a certain little puppy was beside himself yesterday after we left), and leaving Rob at home was not my first choice but someone has to hold down the fort!

And of course I still have my computer and will still do BiblioPlan stuff because... it just never ends...

But despite a few inconveniences, I'm off to get some rest....

(Because this is the A MOTHER'S REST week)...

Of course someone needs to tell that to the three littles that I brought along because THEY think this is THEIR vacation!!


  1. Have a grand blessed time!!


  2. OH, I wish I could be there again!! Alas, I broke my ankle (and a foot bone as wel) in a nasty fall a couple of weeks ago and am now at triple-high-risk as a result. But I am so glad you and other dear friends are there now, even if I can't be this year. So - have a great time, rest! - and give everyone safe hugs from me. See you in 2021, I hope...

    Susan, up the road in Kentucky...


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