Friday, October 30, 2020

Ground Breaking Surgery!

Next Monday.

Aaron and I leave early early Sunday morning so he can get a COVID test at the hospital. 

(I had my COVID test this past week)

Monday is surgery.

He is nervous. 

He is excited at the idea that he may have an elbow that bends.

But he's definitely a bit stressed about the surgery and the therapy involved. 

He will be at the hospital for 5-7 days.

I'm nervous too.

This surgery has never been done before on someone with arthrogryposis which is a bit nerve-wracking. We want the best for Aaron. We want this to work so that he can have increased mobility and independence. This holds so much hope for him. It's a delicate surgery. Aaron has NO biceps and his bones are tiny and not the strongest. I'm grateful he is in the best hands possible or we would never consider this.

Leaving Mary for 5-7 days scares me. Rob tucks her into bed with me around midnight each night and I snuggle with her and keep tabs on her seizures. 

I shouldn't be nervous. We have 2 different monitors in her room and ours and she wears a seizure alarm. Rob will have access to both monitors and I will be able to watch her on one of the monitors from Philly. 

Rob is the BEST Papa in the entire world. He's better at reacting to her alarms blaring than I am. He is stronger and can carry Mary when she is seizing. He has given her more rescue meds than either of us can count. She's in the best hands possible. 

But still... Mamas have a hard time leaving their kids and Mary makes it doubly hard. She throws curve balls at us so often that we always live on high alert.

We are stepping out in faith this next week. Believing that God holds both our kids in His loving arms. Knowing that He knows what we need before we have to ask. Knowing that He will carry us through the next few weeks.

We are definitely asking for prayer.

Prayers for peace. Prayers for steady hands and wisdom for the doctors. Prayers for pain control. Prayers for Rob at home with Mary. Prayers for protection over her - especially in the night hours. 

Last Sunday, Aaron was anointed and prayed over in church. It was a precious time and we are grateful for a church body who is surrounding us with love, support and prayers.

Those prayers carry us through.

Thank you to those near and far who will be lifting Aaron up to the throne.

It's a ground breaking surgery with so much potential for both our son and others!!

I will be posting as I can next week so stay tuned...


  1. Praise God!!! I am praying!! Hugs Hugs Hugs!

  2. Prayers for peace of mind and spirit for Aaron and his family, and for wisdom and skill for those who will perform his surgery, to be followed by a rapid recovery and additional function, plus new hope for others who may have similar surgeries later. I think they should name this "The Aaron Procedure"!

    Mary's smile resembles Aaron's! Gotta be osmosis, shared environment, and nurture rather than nature, but both have very winning grins. They don't stay little long, do they?

    Best wishes for next week from
    Susan in Kentucky.

  3. Praying Jehovah Rapha for a successful surgery for precious Aaron. May he be overcome with much peace and quick healing after. Praying for Mary and the rest of your family.

    God bless you all


  4. I have been watching Aaron's progress for the whole 10 years. We adopted two girls with FAS around the same time. My sons marveled at how Aaron had to get up from the floor (they both struggled to copy his moves as you described them!). Will be praying! Sherry

  5. Praying for you all...may it be as you ask. May God bring peace to your hearts and minds. Praying too for the care givers.

  6. It never gets easier, does it. Blessings to you all. We’ll be praying.

  7. Praying for Aaron that surgery is successful and his pain is controlled. Praying for wisdom and steady hands for the doctors. Praying Mary will do well while you are away. And praying hard for your parent hearts.


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