Thursday, March 4, 2021


Somewhere out there is a Mama in pain

Somewhere out there she is remembering, pondering, wondering

Memories are flooding and she can't hold them back

Somewhere out there she is filled with regret and sorrow

Her loss is hardest on this day

The day when her baby girl was born

The day when she held her in her arms and kissed her a million times and whispered promises meant only for her ears

Somewhere out there a Mama longs to take back time

Undo the past

Bring back what she lost, her baby, her treasure

To hold her and kiss her and whisper promises meant only for her ears

Somewhere out there a Mama wonders where and how

The three years she had her so fleeting 

Her arms so empty, her heart so lonely

Somewhere out there a Mama is praying for the little girl she lost

And here - in our somewhere - we pray too

We pray. We wonder. We grieve with her knowing that our gain comes at great loss.

Little girl turns 10 today.

Presents and birthday songs and Happy Mary

We celebrate. We rejoice. We don't forget. 

So we whisper prayers

Prayers that cover a little girl who lost so much

Prayers that a Mama out there somewhere will be comforted on this, her daughter's 10th birthday.


  1. Bless you all as you remember and bless Mary's birth mom!

  2. Praying with you that it may be as you ask. Amen


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!