Wednesday, January 26, 2022

COVID. Snow. ZOOM. BiblioPlan.

 Wow this blog has been quiet for a while!

Not that it's been quiet in our little house on the hill.

On the contrary.

Between a very MILD COVID assault over Christmas... that confined us to quarters for 10 solid, very noisy days....

And a snow blizzard that kept us off the roads...

Followed by another snowy mess a week later that again confined us inside....

We have been bouncing off the walls and driving a certain mom a bit crazy!

I'm beyond glad for no snow days this week!

So that the noise in our house can go outside for a bit.

Last year at this time I was drowning in teaching ZOOM classes through our local homeschool co-op. 

I was teaching five different classes (history and writing) and was going crazy writing lessons to keep all my students engaged.

I vowed I would never ever ever in a million years do that again as long as I so lived.

Okay - Maybe I didn't vow quite that much but I did say quite a few times (with tears rolling) that I would never do ZOOM again if I could help it.

And here I am.

A year later.

Team teaching five ZOOM classes (history) through our business with Ben as my fun side-kick.

I'm drowning in writing lesson plans. And wondering how in the world I could ever have been so crazy to do this again!

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my students.

We have the BEST group of kids imaginable. Every single class has been a blast. We could not have been more blessed with the students the Lord gave us this year. They are enthusiastic and fun to teach and from all over the United States! We even have some sweet girls from Britain in one of the classes!

But writing the lessons... that's another whole ball game.

Last year, I taught two of the three time periods we are now doing.  

Since I taught two of them - I figured... it can't be that hard. Just write one more time period this year and we are good to go!

Except that we also decided to put all the lessons in a more professional Power Point format.

And my first 25 weeks from last year were ROUGH and needed MAJOR revisions. 

Mainly because I didn't decide to do ZOOM through our business until I was on week 25ish which meant that all the earlier lessons were written with NO THOUGHT of tomorrow.

So yeah - they were a bit rough. 

So that means I am basically writing all three lessons again each week.

Each lesson takes me one to two days ... even more when there are bouncing kids who are confined in the house.

And to top off the insanity... Rob was working on his own intense project and needed my input. 

I willingly jumped in thinking it would take me a week. I spent two solid months drowning in his project. We finished it during our COVID Christmas with a definite, "We have been run over by a train" look in our eyes.

After peeling myself off the train track, I went right back to writing my ZOOM lessons and mumbling under my breath about why I ever thought this was a bright idea.

My only consolation is that next year... I have NOTHING to write for ANY of the current three time periods.

They will be done.

Fully finalized. Team teaching allows me to test the lesson and refine it.

So done is done!

But we have FOUR time periods.

So I have one more to write.

Modern History

I can do ONE next year.


Easy Peasy.


Except we may add high school classes next year.

On Zoom.

Lord help me!

And that is a bit of why this little blog has been a bit quiet.

COVID. Snow. ZOOM. BiblioPlan.

The end!

P.S. We start enrolling for our fall ZOOM classes in April. Come join us!

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