Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 I am not a brave person.

I have always run from danger.

I've never jumped in and stopped a fight.

I've always had the motto to keep a low profile, keep my head down and stay out of conflict.

I let others fight my battles. I let others protest. I let others take on the bullies of this world.

I'm ashamed to share that.

I'm not brave.

But I know what brave looks like.

Brave is leaving everything behind and becoming a refugee in a foreign land.

Brave is saying goodbye.

Brave is tenderly rescuing an elderly woman and her cat.

Brave is honoring those who have fallen.

Brave is comforting.

Brave is knowing that taking a stand will end your life as you know it.

Brave is protesting against what your country is doing in Ukraine.

Brave is volunteering even though you've never held a gun. 

Brave is fighting for your country.

Brave is refusing to leave your country and choosing to lead from the front.

Brave is rescuing the orphans.

Brave is carrying food into war torn areas.

Brave is searching among the rubble for the living.

I could go on and on.

I sit here day in and day out and watch the bravest people struggling against the greatest odds.

They fight and beg - close the skies. Please close the skies.

I hear our reasons why that's impossible.

We want to keep a low profile. Keep our heads down. Stay out of the conflict.

We need to protect our own.

And all the while... brave men and women and children are dying.

Little boys are saying goodbye to their Papas.

They are dying while we cower. 


We need to be brave!

We need to honor the agreement we made to Ukraine back in 1994. They gave up their nuclear weapons (the third largest in the world) and we promised to protect their borders. 

They signed in good faith.

We have broken that faith.

First in 2014.

Now in 2022



  1. May God protect them all. May he also give us the strength to aid them in any way they need. I keep thinking this could be us someday. I want my adopted daughter to live and thrive in a free country. Her freedom was one of the greatest gifts I could give her. Ukraine is always in my prayers. Thank you for sharing posts about your family. They are great kids(young men)!

  2. Thank you for your updates. The pictures are heartbreaking. I think of your family, Wide Awake, Heritage Ukraine, Camp Lela, Bible Orphan Ministry, all those Reeces Rainbow families with connections, and so many more. The lost boys. Praying. Trying to stay informed. Donating. I agree that we cannot let this slip from everyone's attention as they worry about gas prices and food inflation.

    Sue H.

  3. Thank you for so eloquently voicing what so many of us in the international adoption community are feeling and thinking during these terrible times. Ukraine, her people, and all who love her remain in my prayers. Sharing those concerns with others helps, and it's good to have ngos like World Central Kitchen to help fund, knowing their work is making a real difference. But it still doesn't feel like we keep on, endure, and strive to help where and how we can, while hoping for the return of peace and justice everywhere, and an end to this evil. Thanks for helping keep us strong during the struggle...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  4. I so disagree! You are so brave! To cross the sea to rescue three beautiful children who were discarded because they had differences - that is incredibly brave. To parent them so lovingly despite the challenges is brave. To share some of those challenges with us - with the world - is brave.
    I pray all the lost boys are okay. I saw stories on CNN of orphanage kids who were evacuated and there was even a piece that mentioned kids with special needs. But since they’re technically an institution I’m not sure they’d get the same consideration? I hope if they didn’t evac that workers stayed to care for them (well, from what you describe, “care” may be a strong word…but you know what I mean).


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!