Sunday, June 6, 2010


Here's another round of FAQ's.....

FAQ QUESTION NUMBER SEVEN:  How old is Aaron and what grade will he be in when he comes?

Aaron is five years old.  He will be six in August!  When he comes home we will consider him a Kindergartener.  At our Homeschooling Co-op he will be in both Kindergarten level classes and Pre-School.  Since his birthday is so close to the cut-off, he will just barely be the oldest in the class.  Of course Aaron will have a lot to overcome in his first year of 'kindergarten' so if it takes him an extra year... we have ALL the time in the world!

FAQ QUESTION NUMBER EIGHT:  Why do you have to make two trips to Aaron's country?

    The normal process for an adoption from Aaron's country is as follows:

  • Both parents travel 2-3 weeks to meet the child and go to court. 
  • After court there is a ten-day to three week waiting period.  This waiting period is designed so that if someone in his country wants to contest the adoption they have that right.  (Ugh!)  Some judges waive the waiting period but in the region where Aaron is living they are not known to waive it.  Because of this waiting period - most parents come home.
  • After the waiting period is over, one parent returns for 1-2 weeks to finish the adoption process (Aaron will need a passport, visa and medical before he can leave the country).
  • Home!
     We are unsure at this point how we will work this process.  One option is for all four of us to travel together for court.  Then I would stay during the waiting period and visit with Aaron each day.  After the waiting period I would bring our little guy home.  Another option would be for Rob and I to travel alone for court and then both of us come home.  The boys would go back with me to get Aaron on the second trip.  There are other options too but that is the gist.  Until we are given the appointment date we can't really plan what we are doing due to Ben and Elijah's summer schedules for swimming and Boy Scouts.

FAQ QUESTION NUMER NINE:  What size clothes does Aaron wear?

NO IDEA!  Wish I knew.  From what we have learned, the kids tend to be on the small size but we have no idea if Aaron will fall into that category.  He seems pretty tall in the pictures but very skinny.  I have found clothes in size 3t, 4t and 5.  Most of the clothes are 5's.  I've bought a few outfits in each size when I see them on the sale racks.  Depending on the way our trips land I may be staying the entire time and so we need to take some clothes with us.  If some of the clothes are too small then we will just donate them to the institute!  I'm still trying to figure out shoe issues.... It's been a long time since I bought a small shoe!   I'm a bit clueless in that department so anyone out there with 5 year olds can chime in!!  I'm thinking size 10??

That's it for now - will do some more another day ... If you have any FAQ's - post them on the comments and I will put the answers here...


  1. I was thinking about the travel with your other boys. I'm wondering if it would be better to bring them along on the first trip. The first trip there is more time to see and do, while the second trip there is a LOT of waiting around in offices while you get all the stuff done. Unless of course you get "stuck" there at all (we'll be praying that won't happen, right????) Just some thoughts from someone you don't even know! LOL

  2. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for posting these questions and answers. Your Aaron is very close in age to one of my boys. He will be 6 later this month. He wears a size 11.5 shoe. He isn't on the big side either. Hope this helps.



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