Monday, February 21, 2011


That is currently what we are running on.... Seriously.  The trips up and down the road to Philly every week along with our already hectic schedule have just plain caught up to both of us.  Weariness has set in.  The boys are in a combination of TWO drama productions. Over the next four weeks we face two solid weeks of tech practices, a whole mess of other practices to boot and three full weekends of shows.  On top of that we are both frantically writing history curriculum before the spring homeschooling conventions start.  I'm teaching at the Co-op, we are homeschooling the boys and we are just plain tired.  I want to stop the bus.   I want to get through Aaron's casting process - I want to bypass the every single night a week schedule - I want to disappear the to-do list. I want time to be a family.   Life is too short to keep spinning without taking time to stop and enjoy the view.  In two short years my firstborn is going to be gone.  I can't stand the thought. 

In the midst of all the craziness of our current schedule - the frantic scurrying - the fight to preserve precious times with those we love - we are trying not to ignore the cry of those who have no voice.  I never want to fill my days in such a way that I am too busy to care, too tired to grieve and too overcome to advocate.  I want to speak out for the Jonah's of this world.  Little lost boys and girls who are doomed to a lifetime of loneliness and despair unless someone steps in. 

We are trying to find a balance.  Praying for wisdom.  Right now - just muddling through.


  1. The strength is within you because of who you serve...... As I follow your famiy's journey is am amazed at what God is doing through you all..... Hang in there as Gods powerful hand will give you strength and wisdom to do as he wills.


  2. Your life sounds amazingly like mine. We are going through a slower time at present, so I will have time to pray for your family. My firstborn is turning 18 in May and graduating in June. I feel like time is racing away from me. It is scary how fast they grow!

  3. While it is important to help, give, contribute, step up, et cetera et cetera, it is also important to not exhaust oneself. Please take care!

    Praying for you all :)

  4. Can't imagine how exhuasting those weekly casting trips must be, not to mention adding everything else on top of that... Praying for you.

  5. Do yo spend the night in PA? Are you staying at a hotel? I have relatives that maybe you could hook up with for a cheaper stay?????

  6. I agree with Helle... don't exhaust yourself... you have definitely given us the model to follow and maybe for a time, whilst you get through these next few weeks of not having a minute to yourself, let all of us advocate for you!

    No, we can't fill your shoes (I hear you have pretty big feet, you and Rob ;) ) but we can still shoulder together to make a difference...

    So, go have a nap! Both of you! :) We'll carry the torch for awhile.

    BTW, we all love all of you. :D

  7. Praying for grace and peace for you to be able to do all God has you to do - no more - no less.


  8. I hear the weariness in your post. Praying for strength, endurance, and for victorious living even when you only have fumes to offer up!

  9. Prayers for strength and endurance...sometimes a person just needs to take a little break so I pray a time, however brief, will present itself where you all can just stand still for a moment and rest. Blessings, Jennifer


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