Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Boy Lost

Where is my Mommy to watch me as I dance around the room?

Where is my Daddy to video me when I shake my little pom poms?

Where are my Grandparents who will chuckle with pride as I circle with the other children?

Who cares that I am doing my best?

Where are those special someones who are there just for me?

Who will clap for me, cheer me on, pick me up when it is over to hug me close and praise me in my attempts?
Who is out there who loves me with a fierce and forever love?
Where are you, family of mine?
I am a little boy lost without you.

Please help me - I need to be found.

Please continue to advocate for sweet Jonah.

Share this video.  Help this little lost boy find his family.

I watched the video which was lovingly put together by a family who adopted three children from Jonah's baby house with tears flowing down my face. 

From what they have written on their blog and shared with me - Jonah is a tiny, gentle, sweet, quiet, smart and very loving little boy.  He is very obedient, does what he is told, and is desperate for someone to pay him attention.  During their weeks at the baby house, they never saw him go outside but they did notice that he was expected to do more work than the other children.  From what they saw:  His spirit is slipping away from the years of not having the luxury of being the little boy he was meant to be!

Please share about him on blogs - put him on your facebooks....

We have raised 336.95 of the 1,200.00 we need for the matching grants. 

....and drumroll please.... the winner of the Cross Give-away is....


Please send me your address and I will put the cross in the mail!! 

We now have 65 people who have lovingly donated to help this Little Lost Boy find his forever family!

P.S. Please take the time to watch the video. It is precious and so worth the wait. It is RARE and PRECIOUS to get a video like this of an available child.  Also, from what I understand - the little girl with blonde hair and the pink dress who is behind Jonah at the beginning of the video is also available
 - Tatiana (23) -

Tatiana (23)
Girl, May 20, 2006
Tatiana  was born with FAS, but her medical records do not indicate any additional medical complications. However, she is also HIV positive.

$0 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

She needs a Mommy and Daddy too. 

Break my heart!



  1. What a precious little guy. Praying that he finds his family soon.

  2. I would love to adopt this little boy... where do I find out more information??

  3. Contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow - - She will be GLAD to answer any and all questions!!

  4. Such precious children! I hope they all get adopted! I was posting about (23) earlier today. Walker, Inna, Sharon, and others are in there. Inna is an older girl, so she could get transferred out soon. Jonah can also get trasferred out soon.

  5. I've posted about Jonah and the other little ones with Apert on my blog.


  6. Julia, I am Brian's mom. I would love to talk I have a few questions for you. I did not see him in this video :( Would you e-mail me Thanks

    Sheri B

  7. i donnated 10 to jonah
    kristen martin

  8. Just donated for Jonah. Praying his mom and dad find him soon!
    Alissa Raymond

  9. Jonah is so precious. Praying his family finds him soon.

  10. I was reading your blog today and I thought hey, somebody has the exact same name as Matthew...oh wait, that is our Matthew's name.

    So super excited that he won the necklace.

    our address is

    2165 Kelland Road
    Black Creek, BC, Canada
    V9J 1G4

    I've said it before, but thanks so much for continueing to give a voice to these kids. It's so easy to fall back into indifference, but blogs like your keep us awake to the great need of children. (and all the cute pictures of Aaron of course)

    God Bless


  11. Little Mason is tugging at my heart. He desperately needs a family.

  12. A song that really applies to this post is JJ Heller's "What Love Really Means". The first verse starts out...
    "He sits in the corner where nobody sees; he's the kid with the story you wouldn't believe. He prays every night, 'Dear God, won't you please? will You send someone here will love me,'"


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!