Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Happy Birthday - Shhhh


The candles are on the store shelf.

The icing is in the pantry.

The cake box sits on the counter.

There are no presents.

Balloons - limp in their bag.

Streamers and banners - in storage.

Not only were the invitations not sent but nobody made them.

Nothing special for dinner.

The birthday boy... missing.


Sitting in a Baby House thousands of miles away.

No cameras - cheers - gift bags - nothing.

Just one more day like every other day.

Happy Birthday - Not - SHHH.

Turning four is threatening.

It's scary.

It comes not with rejoicing but whispers.

Four means transfer.

Today - Jonah turns four.

Not Happy Birthday Dear Jonah.



I'm praying dear little one that no one is celebrating your birthday.  
I'm praying that your birthday will go unnoticed. 
That you will fall through the cracks. 
That no one will realize the significance of today. 
 I'm praying for you Jonah that over there - where you live - that they won't know that you are now old enough for the car ride

Please dear Lord - don't let them notice that he is old enough for that ride.


Jonah is running out of time.

He needs a family.

Many RR children have been adopted out of his orphanage. 

Only one has been adopted from the place where he will be transferred.

Only one.  Our Aaron.

It is not a place for tiny, sweet and gentle little boys.

My heart bleeds to think he may end up there.

Thank you so much to the 67+ people who have given money for Jonah.

Thank you!

We still need $608.00 to receive the $1,200.00 in matching funds that have been offered for Jonah.

We still need a family.

Jonah desperately needs a family.

Please pray for a family.

Turning four should be cause for rejoicing not sorrow.

If you have given to Jonah's fund and have not told me - please let me know in the comment section.  Jonah's puzzle needs your name on it!


  1. Yesterday I gave $200 towards Jonah's freedom fund. I gave it in honor of my three adopted daughters (two special needs). I'd love to go get him myself, but I am single and over 55 so I don't qualify for his country. Thank you for advocating for him. God bless you! Susan

  2. I have donated for sweet little Jonah. Thank you for not being silent.

  3. I just donated. What a wonderful post (as usual) Julia.

  4. I gave some for Jonah and forgot to tell you!!! I wish I could get him, too. He's a doll baby.

  5. I remember asking Sarah what happened in the orphanage during birthdays and holidays. She drolly said: "They'd say, wake up, it's your birthday, or wake up, it's Christmas", and then, nothing happened. :(

    I sure hope this little fellow makes it home.

  6. Julia, the Rideout family gave Jonah a "birthday gift" in his account. My kids are in love with this sweet boy too! My Brynn is planning to have an adoption theme birthday party for her 7th birthday in March. She wants to ask others to bring donations instead of gifts. I love her tender heart. Praying, praying, praying for Jonah's family.

  7. :'( This reminds me of this youtube post about kids in Romania: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9oOjWgV9v8

  8. Hi, I just made a donation to Jonah. These kids break my heart. I've been a Christmas Warrior for the past two years for Nikita R. I worry about him as well as he is approaching that age. I do hope Jonah finds a family soon.


  9. I've donated as well... the usual amount that a nephew in our family would be given (or have spent on him) for a birthday gift. Hopefully this will be Jonah's last birthday without his family.

    Thank you,

    Kathleen Bski

  10. I just donated a tiny little bit.


  11. My Lucas just celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday and your post had me hugging him just a little bit tighter. My heart aches for the kids over there and what they go through ... especially once they are transferred to an institution. I just can't imagine their broken spirits; having no one to love on them. Please add the Helferich family to a puzzle piece as I've just donated to Jonah's fund. Praying for his family to find him soon.


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