Monday, February 27, 2012

Got any Giveaways?

I've never done this before.... Asking for Giveaway items.

But I am going out on a limb.  

I am doing a Giveaway that should benefit a bunch of orphans.

Those the Lord has laid heavy on my heart over the last weeks.

Do you have something you can throw into the pot?

Big items, little items, gift cards etc. etc.

Will you help???

My e-mail is if you have something you want to donate.


Also - Will you PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR... Help get me out of the doghouse!!  

My dear friend Tammy, who adopted two kids with Arthrogryposis (Ben and Sophia) and who also adopted FIVE other kids..... is doing her own Giveaway for a little one on Reece's Rainbow.   She can't adopt Alicia but she wants to help her find a family.

Last fall someone gave me a beautiful girl's hand-made quilt that I could donate to a Giveaway of my choice. 

 I chose Tammy's Giveaway.  To help raise money for Alicia.

But I have FAILED to share the Giveaway on this blog and I feel horrid!!  A little girl across the ocean faces the institution in a few short months and Tammy is trying her hardest to raise funds for her and I neglected to tell you about it.

So far Tammy has raised $210.00 for Alicia.  Her goal for her Giveaway is at least $1,000.00.


Would you help get me out of the dog house!!

Either way, don't forget to let Tammy know you donated.  

P.S. The same person who made the beautiful girl's quilt in the picture above also made one for Aaron.  He sleeps with it on his bed every single night.  

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  1. Julia, I just wanted to remind you of my offer for the bread and honey if you think that could work as a giveaway. Diana


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