Sunday, January 10, 2010


These two handsome boys will be Aaron's older brothers.  The oldest is Ben and he is my sports guy.  He swims year round on a swim team, loves the Cowboys (I love the Redskins) and loves acting in drama productions.  The younger one is Elijah and he is my scientist.  He is active in Boy Scouts and also loves acting.  Both boys love music and don't have any trouble singing for anyone who asks them!  Ben plays the guitar and Elijah plays the piano.  Of course they don't always agree on their music choices but that is another story. 
My dear husband, who hates getting his picture taken so don't plan on seeing much of him, is 6'3" and is strong as an ox.  He builds one house a year and pretty much does the entire house himself.  He's an absolute perfectionist!  He's smart and is the reason why the boys can sing as well as they do.  He's my editor.
I spend my days teaching my boys (we are homeschooling family), teaching history at a Co-op and also at my house and writing history curriculum.  Anyone interested in a four year awesome Christian history curriculum... - Biblioplan has been around for a number of years but we are re-vamping it.  The third and fourth year are finished.  I'm currently working on Ancients!  I'm 5'2" so I am the 'Small Nalle" and Rob is the "Tall Nalle."
We attend a small Methodist church here in Virginia.  My dad lives next door and Rob's parents live 5 miles away.  My mom died of cancer 9 years ago.
Anyway - for all those Reece's Rainbow people who are asking about us... that is who we are in a small nutshell.


  1. Wow! finally someone else in Virginia who is adopting a RR kiddo. I am closer to the Fredericksburg area.

    Congratulations to your family and Aaron! :)

  2. Oh how wonderful!!
    My husband and I have been praying for Aaron after seeing him on Reece's Rainbow for over a month now! He was very heavy on our hearts and we've prayed for him every day and more since reading about him - that he would find a solid Christian family to call his own. We are overjoyed to hear that you are adopting little Aaron! What a blessing he will be in your home.
    My husband has connections with a couple of organizations that work with Christian families to help finance their adoptions. If you would like more information, please e-mail me at


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