Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blessings overflowing...

The past few days we have been remided that God provides.

BLESSING ONE - Yesterday little Lily (6) brought me the money she and her brother Jackson (3) have been saving for Aaron.  She had a little tennis ball container with Aaron's picture pasted on the front.  Inside was filled with all of the change they had gathered for Aaron.  I wish I had taken a picture of the container but she took it home to fill it up again. 

BLESSING TWO - I teach at a Homeschool Co-op that meets every Tuesday.  It is a huge program with 450 students that come each week.  Today, several current and former families and their precious kids gave us money for Aaron.  The gifts totaled $450.00.  The really cool part is that I sat down this morning and figured out how much we have spent and how much we have been given.  With the money donated today, we have been given almost exactly what we have spent with some left over.  Wow!

BLESSING THREE - One of my dear students, Christopher, hasn't been in my class since before Christmas as his mom has been sick and his father is deployed in Iraq.  I've missed him terribly and pray often for him and his family.  He came today.  I was so glad to see him and to talk to his dear mom who has struggled with a sickness that leaves her exhausted.  After school was over and I was cleaning my classroom, I looked up to see Christopher coming back into my class.  "Mrs Nalle," he said,  "I just want you to know that I have been praying for Aaron."  Rip my heart out.  Precious prayers from precious people. 

Oh how much we have been blessed.  To Lily and Jackson, Christopher and Alex, Elizabeth and Will and Ben, Jack, Kate and Drew and to your parents - thank you for pooling your money, your prayers, your love for our family and for Aaron.

We are so blessed!

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