Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hurrah's and Sighs!

Today we received our finalized copy of our Homestudy in the mail.  Hurrah!!  Of course I found things that need to be fixed... that seems to be par for the course!  The notary's license can't expire within 6 months of filing our papers and 2 of the 3 notaries used on the Homestudy do not meet this standard.  So... Those papers must be re-done. Sigh!

On another front.... We mailed our Child Specific Papers and Power of Attorney Papers to Aaron's country a while back and unfortunately THEY HAVE NOT ARRIVED!  If they are not there by next Wednesday then I will be redoing all those papers... this includes a mad dash to Richmond to get them Apostillized so we can mail them EXPRESS MAIL WITH TRACKING.  If I had done that in the first place then we wouldn't have this mess but the 100.00 difference in price made me chose the more frugal method.  I'm afraid it wasn't a wise decision.  We would definitely appreciate prayers in the GET OUR PAPERS TO AARON'S COUNTRY quick department so we won't have to fork over more money! Sigh!


  1. So you are the other family in the same position that we are! We also took the frugal route and haven't seen our petition arrive yet. NEVER AGAIN will we take the frugal route in this process! Thanks for reminidng me to e-mail Lyndi and find out when we need to re-send.

  2. One more comment :). I just checked my usps status and it had finally changed. We sent our petition on Feb 2 and it says it cleared customs in Ukraine on Feb 25.


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