Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Federal Digital Fingerprints

     Please pray.  One of the big pieces left for us to do for our part is to get our biometric fingerprints taken.  It is a MAJOR part of the adoption process and from all that we have learned... a rather complicated one.  Some states are quick and some are slow when it comes to these fingerprints.  I found out yesterday that since we live in Virginia, we are one of the slowest states!  UGH!  We received a form saying that they received our application.  The next step is for us to receive an appointment to go to Alexandria and get our fingerprints taken.   It's been over two weeks and no appointment.  Once we get the fingerprint appointment (usually scheduled several weeks after we get the notice in the mail), it can take Virginia up to 9 weeks or more to process those fingerprints.   Please pray.  Everything comes to grinding halt until the fingerprints are completed!!!


  1. Yes, I've also heard that VA is among the slowest states to process immigration stuff. That was the hardest part of the wait for us, I think! The day of the fingerprinting is a breeze, though. We were in and out of there really fast, and then went to the Smithsonian for the rest of the day! I hope you get your appointment soon.
    :) Susan

  2. I sent you an e-mail in response to your comment on my blog. I blocked your comments since you put your e-mail addy in it. HTH!!!

  3. Hi Julia,

    We're in about the same point in our process as I am checking the mailbox daily to see if we received our fingerprint appointment. It is so difficult waiting but I'm thankful that we both know the ONE who is truly in charge (it's certainly not the government) and WHO knows exactly when we'll be bringing our new children home. Praise God!!!



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