Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hidden Blessings

As I was driving home yesterday from the Commissioner of Revenue's office for the third time in two weeks I realized that the inconvenience of three trips to one office for one silly form was worth the trouble.  I made friends with people I had never met before though we live in a small, rural community.  I had the awesome privilege to share Aaron's story to some great people in that office.  That means we gain more people to pray for our little guy.  We also gained a connection with a local family who adopted a special needs child several years ago... from Aaron's country.. Wow!  We discovered that they make a yearly trip back with a group of people to minister in the orphanages... double Wow!  Hidden blessings within the hassles of the adoption paperwork.  None of that would have happened if the paperwork had passed inspection the first time.  When Aaron comes home, I'm going to take him in to visit the dear people in that office who so kindly and patiently re-worked those silly papers for us.


  1. i changed the words, is it easier to read? i am so happy to have read your comment that you are the family that is adopting Aaron. before being transferred was he at orphanage 19? praying for your adoption and Aaron.

  2. Grace, grace! So good to hear that God is meeting you even through the hassles and the mundanities. We continue to pray for you and for Aaron!

  3. please steal the idea anything to help bring aaron home. its not my idea but vanya's family's. im a volunteer at vanya's orphanage and adopting mommy of 2 boys. when do you hope to come to get aaron?


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