Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The paperwork is moving at a snail's pace (in my mind's eye) but yesterday we made progress.  Rob and I have to make this process difficult by having separate doctors... We both had medicals, both passed with flying colors (gray hair doesn't eliminate you from adoption) and yet we haven't been able to fill out the crazy paperwork in a way that will pass Eastern European scrutiny!  We keep crossing t's when the i's are supposed to be dotted!  FINALLY we have one set of medicals that passed yesterday, but not without a lot of trouble.  We couldn't use the notary in the Dr's office because their license will expire in August and THAT is a no-no.  So I had to hike around to nearby offices to find a notary willing to help us out.  I finally found one but she wouldn't go across the parking lot to notarize the documents so I had to hike back to the Dr's office and arrange for the Dr. to hike across the parking lot.  But ALL IS WELL!  My paperwork passed!  One crazy step closer to Aaron.
My youngest son is feeling a bit neglected through this process.  I think both my kids are a bit sick of the stress and the focus on all of these papers, the meetings and the overall shock of this whole thing.  The honeymoon is over.  I realized last night that I can't neglect my precious kids at home as we race to rescue another son across the ocean.  This is a hard process on all of us.  Prayers are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hugs and prayers to you!! I think some of the adoptive mommies will have advice for you about your sons.


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