Friday, February 5, 2010


We live in Virginia.  We usually have maybe one big storm a year and it never really amounts to much, mostly a lot of ice and sleet.  This year we are being hit every weekend!  This weekend we are expected to get anywhere from 12-24" of snow... depending upon who is doing the forecast.  Our ground is already covered with snow from the last 12" snow.  The snow is softly falling out the window... it looks so pretty but I am a bit tired of it all.

The good part of all these snowstorms is that it gives me extra time to work on the computer. 

The bad part is that I am stuck working on the computer all day!

On the adoption front... we completed our Child Specific Petition (the one that has Aaron's real name and states that WE WANT HIM) and it was notarized and apostillized (the golden sticker from the state of Virginia that says the notary is legitimate) and I was so excited to get to send that form off to Aaron's country... only to be told that the rules just changed and NOW we have to have 3 other forms notarized and apostillized and sent WITH the Child Specific Petition.  So I wait another week to send off the precious piece of paper that tells his government that we want Aaron!

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