Sunday, February 7, 2010

The blessing of the snow...

     We have been stuck inside since Friday from this snow storm.  It is no longer snowing but the trees are completely covered, icicles are hanging off everything, most of our friends are without power and the roads are covered in sheets of ice.
      We have been blessed in our house in the woods.  No power outages, the chance to catch up and get ahead on our history curriculum, plus fun times making breakfast and watching movies!  Ben's been battling a fever for the last few days so the chance to rest has been good for him.  Even so, they have had fun times pelting each other with snow balls, digging out a path for Dad to come through the woods for dinner and just overall enjoying the adventure.  This evening we will enjoy the superbowl with grandparents... Oh what fun.

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  1. The woods look beautiful in the snow. Your boys are a precious sight too! Interested in learning more about your history curriculum...


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