Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another storm coming...

We got up this morning ready to batten down the hatches again as we are anticipating ANOTHER storm. 


Yesterday my van got stuck in our driveway (2 feet out of the garage) and so I had to borrow my Dear Dad's very hard to drive truck so I could get our financial forms to the CPA office.  For those who don't know, two years ago our rather stupid, very active and frisky golden retriever slammed into the back of my legs while I was walking to the mailbox.  I fell.. hard.. and my right arm (humerus bone) snapped completely in two.  I also broke my hand.  Three surgeries later, my arm is still a bit gimpy.  I don't have a lot of strength in it so driving my dad's truck yesterday was quite the experience.  After driving for about 15 minutes in the truck, my arm gave out.  Any strength I started with died after wrestling with that steering wheel.  So Ben (my 15 year old), who was in the passenger seat had to help me steer!  It was quite comical!!  The papers were delivered though so we are one step closer to Aaron!!

We have our last homestudy appointment on Friday and so I am going to be paperchasing all week if the snow isn't too bad!  We still have Rob's medical to re-do (just the forms) and the home ownership papers.  The county offices keep closing because of the snow so I may never get those forms completed!!  Sigh!


  1. Hi Julia,
    I'm Kristin Ferguson and we're also adopting from Eastern Europe through RR. Are you adopting from orphanage 20? Somehow I remember your name. We are adopting Nadia from 20. I also homeschool as well. We're not getting the snow you are but I'm having my fair share of "roadblocks" trying to get paperwork finishes as well. Hope to have it all wrapped up by end of Feb/early March and then just wait on final documents to send dossier. :) Just wanted to say "hi".


  2. Aaron is in orphanage 23 although he was transfered as is now in an internat/institution for special needs

  3. Just catching up on my blog- reading. Glad to hear you're making paperwork progress, even if it seems slow. I know that it seemed like it took forever for us, while, in reality, it moved along quite well. And it put us in Ukraine in God's perfect timing. I know it must be harder since you have identified your child. I'd want to get him ASAP, too! We'll be praying for Godspeed as you wrap up this homestudy portion of your adoption!


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