Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today is a good day.  We have accomplished a whole pile of things this week and I need to stop and be thankful.... Here's my list..

  • My dear notary traveled with me to get Rob's medical forms re-done and THEY PASSED!
  • The Commissioner of Revenues office worked really hard yesterday to write up our house papers and though there is one small error on them... they are easily fixable so tomorrow they will be finished!
  • My dear notary works for a lawyer and does house closing so SHE got our deed for us!  What would we do without her???
  • Our CPA is writing up our financial papers and they are almost finished!!
  • I received the POA's in the mail today and tomorrow I get to send them to Aaron's country along with the most important CHILD PETITION that states we want Aaron!
  • Our last homestudy meeting is tomorrow.... here... so I will be doing some last minute cleaning.... Yikes!
  • Rob and I have ONE MORE class to do to complete our 10 hours required for the Homestudy.  We tried to do it last night but we couldn't connect to the class so we will try again tonight!
I've been following too many adoption blogs to know that roadblocks are coming but it is exciting to see progress!  Thank you Lord!


  1. I'm love reading your blog and checking your progress and I love it when things are moving along for you! We're praying for you all and Aaron. Just wish I had a whole bunch of money I could send you, :(


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