Saturday, March 27, 2010


     I am at a loss for words.  I sit here and stare at the screen, write a few sentences, erase everything and then walk away.  I've been like this since the mail came yesterday.  We received a card and gift from Rob's niece that touched me deeply.  I stood at the counter when I saw it and cried.  Ben stood beside me patting my back and probably thinking that his mom had completely lost it this time.  Maybe I have. 

     What can I say?  Each time we receive a check or discover someone has put money in Aaron's account on Reece's Rainbow I am brought to my knees.  Each time I find out that Aaron's picture is tacked on someone's refrigerator and they are praying for him I can barely hold it all together.  Daily we are confronted with reminders of God's grace.  The kindness, love and support we have received has totally overwhelmed us.  Rob and I will never be the same.  When Aaron entered our lives we were changed.  Our kids were changed.  How can I put it into words?  We can no longer go back to life as we knew it.  God has taken our hearts and He has shaken us to the core.   We are being refined in the fire.  Changed.

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  1. I think this is what God's love is designed to do to all of us all the time...sometimes I'm so dense it doesn't get thru at all...and then there are the moments when I'm irrevocably changed....then I need it again and again How merciful is our God and how incredibly lavish is His love!
    When I can figure out how to do it online - Evan will be home in a few days and I think he can help me...we want to "buy" four pieces of your puzzle. I hope we aren't too late!! Love from the other side of the sea, sis!! : )


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