Thursday, March 25, 2010

Passports and Olive Wars

The boys need passports so off we went yesterday to the friendly neighborhood Walmart to get their pictures taken.  We got the mugshots and today, with the final papers to get notarized (except for the immigrations 'golden ticket'), we set off for the court house to get the final papers finished for this adoption. 

Of course things can't be simple... The pictures from our friendly neighborhood Walmart would NOT work!  I should have been clued in to this possibility when I watched the young Walmart worker trying to figure out how to work the camera!

To avoid having to make ANOTHER trip to the Walmart, I spent an hour doing my own passport pictures of the boys.  This afternoon we will make ANOTHER trip back to the courthouse in hopes that they like MY pictures!  Sigh!

On quite another note.... My two boys have never gone crazy for chocolate, candy, cookies, cake, pie or much of anything in the sweet department.  They have always had a 'take it or leave it' attitude.  Green olives are another whole ballgame.  They love olives with a passion that competes with the biggest candy lovers out there!  Since I don't consider olives to be high on the 'good food' list, they are not allowed to just eat them at will and more often than not, we don't have them on hand.  I did buy a jar last Saturday and they have both been guarding its contents with their lives.  Yesterday one of my dear sons took more than my other dear son thought was necessary or allowed!  (Of course he didn't care about the well-being of his brother - his concern was purely on the olive count).  So the dear son without, proceeded to grab a handful of olives off the other greedy dear son's plate.  The uproar that ensued was awesome to behold.... OVER OLIVES!!  Sigh!

I wonder if Aaron will like olives....


  1. If the pictures don't work, Walgreens does great passport photos. We all had ours done there. Good Luck!

  2. Aern't olives meant to be healthy (since they're technically a fruit)? If what you say is true, I've been messing up my insides good and proper for years - I was another one of those 'olives not sweets' kids, lol.

  3. I bet you don't eat half a jar of olives in one sitting!! That's what my boys would do. I like salty things too... that is where they get their taste buds from!

  4. May Aaron LOVE OLIVES!! We learned to love black ones from my Grandparents who when we visitted for Sunday lunch always had baby Gerkin sweet pickles, black olives, and Fritos with French onion dip as snacks before much lunch did we ever eat?! : )

  5. We went to CVS on Pantops to get our passport (and Visa) photos taken...and they were accepted by Russia...woo hoo!


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