Thursday, March 11, 2010

Empty again..

So today I called the USCIS office and got through to the 2nd level after much begging and pleading.  I would not let the lady off the line so she eventually passed me to the next level!  The man I talked to PROMISED me he would call me back after he checked into why we have not received an appointment.   I have waited all afternoon and since he hasn't called me back tomorrow I am going to call my Congressman (already have those numbers researched and ready).

I am SO GRATEFUL for all the comments, e-mails, prayers and encouragment that we have received.  It helps so much to know that people are out there praying.  THANK YOU AND KEEP PRAYING! 


  1. What's the saying about the squeaky wheel? Just continue to be that wheel and hopefully they'll get things rolling for you!!

  2. When the time comes, I hope you'll be able to share with Aaron how VERY MUCH he was wanted... That's persistance, right there!! :)


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!